Embracing Long-term Stays in 2022 with The Belize Collection

by Gisselle Hernandez

They say 2022 will be the year of extended travel for long-term stays, and we say Belize is right on-trend. The year 2021 welcomed the slow travel trend, with vacationers ditching short, high-strung itineraries. Instead, savvy travelers prefer to spend most of their vacation in one place. Some say this could be attributed to safer, more controlled experiences à la bubble vacation. The movement now is seeping into the next year, with travel trend reports sharing that extended travel is looking up. In a recent article, travel site TravelBinger.com has predicted longer stays will be the next big movement next year. Factor in the now well-established “workcation” or “bleisure” portmanteaus and you’ve got yourself a travel lifestyle that likely isn’t going anywhere.



So why not make the most of it? Whether you’ve been a part of America’s Great Resignation and gone solo or have a job that lets you work remotely, now’s your chance to embrace this work ethic. We all know you’ve added “travel more” on your New Year’s Resolution, all you need to do is extend that fabulous itinerary by a couple of extra weeks – or months. For kicking off 2022, there’s no better workcation-friendly destination than Belize. And when it comes to killer views and creativity fuel, look no further than The Belize Collection.

IRL Zoom Backgrounds


You’ll no longer need a green screen Zoom background when working from either one of The Belize Collection resorts. Comprising the award-winning Sleeping Giant Lodge and equally acclaimed Lodge at Jaguar Reef, the resort group understands the digital nomad’s every whim. 



Take your pick of having either the looming Maya Mountains or the Hopkins beach as your meeting background. For the former, book your stay at Sleeping Giant Lodge, where the hammocks make better office chairs than the ones you’re used to. If you prefer sand and sea as opposed to lush jungles, Jaguar Reef’s poolside lounge chairs are hard to leave.


No matter what room you choose at Sleeping Giant, you’ll be waking up to a lovely landscape. Either an aerial view of the jungle below or within the realm of lush rainforest right outside your cottage door. At Jaguar Reef, the same is true except beach views are available all around. Feeling extra? Stay at one of the Deluxe Suites so you can take a dip in your own private plunge pool after a day or plug away on your laptop. 

Oases with all the perks 


Both Belize resorts are laced with perks that make the long-term stay even that more convenient. Spa amenities, decadent food, and high-speed Internet combine for a premier work-from-where-you-vacation environment. You’ll have access to many attractions for you to sightsee during your downtime, whether that’s caving at Sleeping Giant or paddleboarding off Jaguar Reef.

The perfect package


The Belize Collection’s 30-day “Work from Belize”’ long-term stay packages remove all the hassle in trying to find an extended stay when on your trip. Included in this exclusive offer are both in-room and outdoor workstations (our kind of deal), essential kitchen amenities such as refrigerators and microwaves, and even a personal shopper service. 

Many travelers are over the country-hopping cumbersome trips that come with international travel. Instead, when opting for a longer stay, not only do you have time to appreciate your relaxation and downtime, but are also able to immerse fully in the country’s culture, sights, and experiences. Book your long-term stay direct with The Belize Collection here

All images courtesy of The Belize Collection 

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