4 Lesser-Known Outdoor Travel Experiences in Belize

by Gisselle Hernandez

Travelers that graduate from being a Belize newbie to a “repeat visitor” has probably done 90 percent of the “top things to do in Belize.” This ultimate Belize bucket list is a rite of passage for anyone traveling to the small but mighty country, but the needs of globetrotters have changed in the past few years. Now, many come seeking off-the-radar experiences that the average tourist may not know about. The traveler that isn’t easily satiated with cookie-cutter itineraries should keep these four lesser-known outdoor activities top of mind when in Belize.

Tried and true itineraries are popular for a reason, but in Belize, there’s more beyond the beaches. With one foot in the Caribbean and another in Central America, the pocket-sized nation brings to the table an eclectic mix of experiences. Gone are the days of “Instagrammable spots” as conscious travelers seek a deeper connection with their vacation destination. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many such deep connections are often found in the great outdoors. And with 103 protected areas, over 60% forested area, rainforests hiding caves, waterfalls, and wildlife, Belize lacks absolutely nothing.

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