If Home is Where the Heart is, You’ll Leave Yours at Belize’s Cerros Sands Community  

by Larry Waight

Folks who have had their fill of stress, congestion, and inflation are adopting new post-COVID lifestyles. If you’re one of them, moving to a quieter, more peaceful place can feel more doable. But if you’ve looked abroad and concluded that too many barriers stand in your way when you factor in a long-distance move where language mastery is required and the cost of visits back home is prohibitive, you’re not looking in the right place. Achieve the idyllic lifestyle you would design were you asked to create a perfect place by considering Belize. It’s close to home, everyone speaks English, U.S. currency is welcomed, and your recreational cravings can be met without having to leave home. Get in on the ground floor by exploring the opportunities at Cerros Sands, Corozal’s premier planned community where even a small income gets you a big lifestyle.

“By the Sea”: More than just a catchy tune

Because Cerros Sands was engineered by North American planners who understand the importance of infrastructure and design features in a home, everything about this development meets the criteria you look for in a U.S. home. But unlike housing developments along the Atlantic, Pacific, and Caribbean, you won’t have to liquidate your financial holdings to afford waterfront living.

At Cerros Sands, beachfront and channel parcels are available at affordable prices: $89K USD gets you a slice of oceanfront, and $29K gives you a place on the channel where a private boat dock for access to the Caribbean Sea awaits. This remarkable new community is still in its growth stage, which is why pricing remains affordable, but once the major road and two bridges linking Corozal Town with Sarteneja are completed in the near future, that’s going to change.

A place to live. A place to thrive

In addition to owning a home that gives you waterfront access, the number of Internet service providers has increased exponentially so seamless communication prevails thanks also to two local cell service providers. Your access to this technology is assured, you can retire, launch a business, or telecommute seamlessly. Importantly, the Cerros Sands master plan is a study in sustainability, conservation, and off-grid living.


Views of the northern coast. Image via Gisselle Hernandez

Take advantage of inroads already put into place by pioneering residents settling at Cerros Sands from the minute bulldozers began apportioning lots. This community is so fully functional, that you not only acquire friends immediately, but activities established on the property can keep you busy from morning to night if you haven’t brought your job with you. Since this paradise is expanding to include eateries, entertainment venues, and more, residents needn’t leave home to get their fill of fun.

Ready to start dreaming big time?

Browse these available lots to see which ones suit your fancy, lifestyle, and budget. Work with Cerros Sands management to get help with all aspects of home construction. That includes help navigating Belize’s legal and financing systems, both of which are based on U.K. institutions, so you understand every word of your purchase transactions.

Perhaps your circumstances are such that you are ready to move now and just need to nail down the details. Check out existing homes for sale on the Cerros Sands website and even if the home that won your heart is under contract, you’ll be inspired by the architectural variety offered in this community. If you’ve grander dreams—like starting a business that requires building a shop or office–find what you’re looking for at Cerros Sands here.

Take a deeper dive into the Belize lifestyle…

Corozal, Belize. Photo by Davy Steinhauer on Unsplash

…that comes free of charge with your home or business purchase! Get lots of bang for your buck thanks to Belize’s low cost of living, amazing year-round weather, and options for long-term residency are a breeze. Even if you’ve yet to qualify for Social Security benefits, you can jump the gun by taking advantage of Belize’s Qualified Retirement Program which kicks in at age 45.

Come for a visit and talk with residents, many of whom are living the good life on around $1500 worth of income monthly and you’ll be captivated. Seeing is believing and a Cerros Sands visit can be arranged with a single phone call to Mark Leonard, the community’s developer. You’ll get a personalized tour, so be sure to bring your questions when you come. You’re going to love the answers you receive!

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