Fishing for Paradise? Find It At Blue Marlin Beach Resort in Belize

by Larry Waight

As fish tales go, few storytellers reached the heights of writer Ernest Hemingway who may or may not have once caught a 1,000+ pound specimen during a Gulf of Mexico outing. This fish was a stunning catch and a trophy beyond imagination – which is likely one of the reasons owners of the Blue Marlin Beach Resort off the coast of Dangriga, Belize gave their spot of paradise so powerful a name. Among sportfish, a marlin owns the ocean. You’re not guaranteed to snag marlin if you sojourn at this tropical haven, but then again, once you learn how many perks come with reservations at the small, intimate destination, you may not care. Set your course for a holiday at the Blue Marlin Beach Resort and you’re going to be as delighted as Hemingway was the day he claims to have caught seven of these majestic creatures!

Fulfill your island vacation wish list

If you’ve ever visited Key West, Hemingway’s favorite spot, your arrival on the dock of the Blue Marlin Beach Resort will remind you of this laid-back town. Offshore waters are stripes of cerulean and aqua, charming cabanas are painted in lively hues and the overall vibe is soothing, comforting, and relaxing. While a small island resort, you’ll be given accommodation choices you would expect from a larger property: Private seafront cabanas, seafront, and garden family suites, and smaller sea view rooms for singles and couples who don’t plan to spend time in their digs.

Island dining is impeccable. The cuisine is a fusion of Belizean, Latin, Caribbean, and American dishes beautifully crafted of locally grown produce and spices. As you can imagine, the seafood on the menu is quite extraordinary because it is so fresh and artfully prepared. Guests rave about a surprising variety of options that include the chef’s promise to accommodate guests’ food sensitivities. Charlie’s Bar, located over the water’s edge, is the intimate tropical pub you expect to see on a Hemingway-inspired movie set; it’s just that charming.

Adventurous guests discover the best Belize has to offer

For travelers whose interests are limited to seeing how much time they can spend in the water or visiting exotic sites, the Blue Marlin Beach resort tour menu has no equal. Among the options, you and your travel pals can enjoy are tours that encompass these locations and experiences:

  • Trek tropical rainforests and jungles where some of Central America’s most exotic wildlife hang
  • Snorkel and scuba dive along the second longest barrier reef on Planet Earth
  • Take selfies standing amid majestic waterfalls that are travel magazine-worthy
  • Explore ancient Maya above-ground cities plus caves reserved for secret rituals
  • Float into caves on an inner tube wearing a helmet light to explore cavern environs
  • Cruise streams and rivers, stopping at villages to interact with welcoming Belizeans.

Can’t decide? Browse all guest-exclusive tours here.

You don’t have to fish for deals, stressed-out traveler!

Blue Marlin’s all-inclusive packages are unique because they focus on activities Caribbean visitors prefer. Your package can be all about snorkeling, diving, fishing, sailing, or a mix of several activities. If you just want to lie about in a hammock and relax while staring at stately palm trees, there’s a package designed just for you, and family and honeymoon bundles are designed to deliver exactly what romantics and family members crave.

blue marlin beach lodge

Image courtesy Blue Marlin Beach Lodge

What’s the most popular package of all? It’s the “Buyout” option that gives you and your friends or family the opportunity of a lifetime: Book the island for between 14 and 36 guests, and not only does each member of your party save money by contributing to the cost of the stay, but resort staff will be dedicated strictly to everyone’s needs and enjoyment.

When would a buyout be appropriate?

Your family reunion. A corporate getaway to reward staff. A honeymoon 2022 style where blended families and loved ones all come to Belize. For all intents and purposes, your party owns the island for the duration of your holiday. Talk about extras! Browse this page to see how many perks are included if you reserve the entire island.

Given the size of the island and the list of loyal frequent guests who wouldn’t think of staying elsewhere, time is of the essence if you want to nail your preferred vacation dates. Book direct online here or reach out to staff at [email protected].

We have a hunch Hemingway would approve your decision to sojourn at this charming haven, so before you leave, find a bar stool at Charlie’s and toast the legend – especially if your order happens to be a mojito! 

Images via Blue Marlin Beach Resort.

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