Getting to Secret Beach in San Pedro, Belize

by Larry Waight

 Although it’s name is Secret Beach, this popular beach is gaining traction as a popular, not-so-secret chill spot. Essentially, it is an inland beach that’s surrounded by white sand, swaying palm trees and everything else that creates the perfect tropical setting. You can only get there by boat or golf cart while on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. While San Pedro has been popular for decades, travelers have only discovered Secret Beach 10 years ago, when a developer built the first road that went from the eastern side of the island to the western side.

Why should you visit Secret Beach?

Secret Beach offers a full range of activities that make for an unforgettable vacation. The beaches here differ from those on the eastern side. The water is bright blue and shallow. You can wade out hundreds of yards into the sea from here. Unlike the beaches of San Pedro, those on Secret Beach don’t have a lot of seaweed.  
There are a lot of opportunities for fun. There are bars, restaurants and resort areas where you can rent lounge chairs, umbrellas and beach tents. Spend the day on these gorgeous beaches while you sip on fruity rum cocktails and dine on fresh seafood. You can rent paddle boats, kayaks, canoes and bicycles. The shallow water makes it ideal for first-time snorkelers. There’s enough to do here that a full day will fly by.

Where is Secret Beach?


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It’s on the western end of Ambergris Caye; most people visit San Pedro when they go to the island. San Pedro is a busy town that’s popular with tourists, expatriates and retirees. However if you only stay there, you’ll miss the fun of Secret Beach.

Getting there

There is only one road to Secret Beach and only one way to get there. You must take a golf cart or taxi, and it takes about two hours of driving. You can rent a golf cart in San Pedro. The road can be rough, so put a towel or some other padding on the seat. When you start out, look for the road heading north. If you’re facing the Caribbean Sea, this will be the road on your left. Continue on this road until you come to a bridge. The bridge toll is $5 for a round-trip ticket. Be sure to keep your receipt for your return trip.

Follow the Signs

Once you cross the bridge, stay on the road until it ends. Stay on it as it turns into a dirt road and veers to the left. The road will look desolate, but you’re on the right track. Watch the ground along the road. When you see signs saying “Please Don’t Litter” and signs advertising restaurants and hotels, you’re almost there. Follow the signs and enjoy your day at Secret Beach! 

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