How Belize Retreats is changing the landscape around wellness travel

by Gisselle Hernandez

Muy’Ono Resorts have never shied away from prioritizing guests’ well-being, and it’s no exception with the emergence of Belize Retreats. The hospitality management company has created an anchorage for those seeking wellness in Belize via its many award-winning resorts. Now, the haven found at each property goes a step further with Belize Retreats, forming a strong bond with travelers looking for something more meaningful and impactful. Whether through yoga, meditation, or a tightly-knit community of like-minded individuals, the opportunity for betterment is there. The best part? Belize Retreats uses the beachy slash jungle-clad country as its canvas for transforming travelers. Whether you choose to find yourself in the rainforests of Belize or open your chakras atop pristine sand on an island, the opportunities with Belize Retreats are endless.

Unwinding in the wild 

yoga mats on lawn sweet songs belize jungle lodge muyono

Yoga mats on the lawn at Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge. Image via Muy’Ono Resorts

Pioneers in sustainability, Muy’Ono Resorts reflects its values on Belize Retreats. This is evident when scouting one of its more popular retreat venues, Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge. Tucked in the jungles a half-hour drive from San Ignacio Town, the jungle lodge serves as an ideal location for self-healing. You’ll be cocooned within broadleaf trees and lush greenery, the Macal River gently flowing at the edge of the property awaiting exploration.

yoga on pool deck at sweet songs jungle lodge

Your journey to wellness will go beyond the insightful yoga classes and workshops. Here, you’ll take a backseat to wildlife and nature simply existing as it should: freely.

Go bird-watching at family-friendly Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge. Image courtesy property.

Feel free to go bird watching at any time of day, or kayak down the famous Macal River. Adventure awaits just beyond the property as well, with the famous Xunantunich Maya site a short drive away and ancient Maya caves ready for cave tubing. 

An Oasis of Serenity 

It’s no secret Belize is considered to have the best of both worlds with one foot in Central America and another in the Caribbean. The latter paints a backdrop of endless sandy beaches and crystalline blue waters belonging to the second-largest barrier reef. To get a closer look while on your wellness journey, Belize Retreats offers the notable Thatch Caye Resort as one of its venues. The all-inclusive private island resort knows a thing or two about tranquil paradises, making it the perfect locale for a self-care vacation.

As one of the only resorts in Belize with overwater bungalows, Thatch Caye guarantees a unique experience unlike other resorts of its caliber. Belize’s Barrier Reef is mere steps away from your yoga mat, a fact that is sure to soothe the mind and soul even further. At Thatch Caye, you’ll come for the seclusion and serenity and stay for the natural wonders at your disposal. 

Harmony for all 

With options like these, it’s difficult to shirk away one venue for the other. Thankfully, you don’t need to since Belize Retreats offer combo packages for insatiable travelers. You can indulge in both the dense jungles of Belize as well as the tranquil sanctums of island life. If this sounds like your sort of wellness itinerary, the next yoga retreat is set for April 30 and lasts 8 days and 7 nights. Split your dreamy week between Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge and Thatch Caye, creating a vibrant wellness trip complete with vegan-friendly meals and plenty of adventures. 

Upcoming Wellness Retreats


With spots still available through Belize Retreats, jump into wellness this summer with 5-night retreats to Thatch Caye, the first being yoga-centric and hosted by Lauren Ponder on June 6-11, 2022. Later that month, Kevin Berlin hosts a Fitness & Wellness Retreat on June 29-July 4, 2022.

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