Itz’ana Belize: A Beachfront Haven Redefining Chic On The Mainland

by Larry Waight

While record-breaking heat blankets North America, you may wish to think about a vacation that is the ultimate cool escape: A visit to Belize, Central America’s most talked-about destination. Don’t laugh! When temperatures reached 100°F in the Midwest last month, thermometers in Belize registered just 74°F at the same time. Have we grabbed your attention? Keep reading and start packing. Airline flights are returning to their pre-COVID regularity, thus it only takes a couple of hours to reach this amazing nation from southern U.S. points, so no cooling your heels at airports waiting for service to kick in. Since everyone speaks English, you can skip the burden of mastering enough Spanish to converse with the folks you encounter during your idyllic sojourn.

That stated, some resorts are cooler than others…

Itz’ana Resort & Residences, a Belize paradise on Earth that awaits your arrival, is a luxe destination that feels more like a small, upscale community than a traditional Caribbean resort. New arrivals notice the difference immediately. What defines cool in your vocabulary? How about beachfront accommodations where lullabies are delivered by rolling ocean waves accompanied by soothing breezes that sweep across the property’s Eden-like landscape? Whether you’re seeking a temporary fix to blistering temperatures back home and need a break from stress, or you’ve come to the realization that life is short and delayed gratification is silly, there’s a place for you at Itz’ana Resort & Residences.

Tropical luxury where reef, rainforests, and rewards await your arrival

Can one Belize resort be all things to all people? You decide. Browse elegant suites and villas for a taste of Nirvana where beautifully appointed accommodations offer sublime privacy, intimacy, and luxury. Dine onsite at the property’s world-class eatery where attention to detail, world-class cuisine inspired by regional cookery styles, locally grown, organic produce, and service are extraordinary. A vegan menu greets discriminating diners while seafood lovers are regaled with options that must be tasted to be believed.

If we’ve whetted your appetite, the property’s adventure menu won’t disappoint. One glance at options for folks of all ages and inclinations, and you’ll agree that the property’s offerings are remarkable! Whether your idea of the adventure focuses on maintaining your fitness schedule, you’re all about feeding your brain via Belize’s wealth of Maya sites, arts, music, and culture or you’re a thrill-seeker eager for non-stop ziplining and repelling adventure, you’ll find your fill of excitement literally everywhere you look.

The best is yet to come

Having come to the realization that Itz’ana Resort & Residences offers visitors and residents alike an extraordinary experience that delivers on every delight under the Belize sun, you might think that your introduction to this rarified world of beauty and fun has already been mentioned but you’re going to encounter surprises that even you didn’t expect when you began your search for perfection.

Take advantage of a money-saving package designed to cater to your wishes so you can leave your wallet in your digs throughout your stay. As if the benefits end with all-inclusive deals that take the work, worry, and tedium of having to sort out sojourn details aren’t enough, there’s a way to make your trip more affordable: Plan ahead to save even more money by grabbing the property’s current special. Take a moment to think about how many extras you can add to your itinerary by maximizing your savings.

Or, share a slice of paradise. It’s easier than you imagine

You may not believe how many visitors turn into homeowners after a single vacation in this remarkable community, where current residents agree that “home is where the water is.” Belize property values have been on an upward trajectory since North Americans discovered how much bang they can get for their buck in Belize but there are even more compelling reasons to put down roots:

  • The availability of lush homes that pair tropical designs with North American infrastructure within the Itz’ana Belize Resort & Residences community offers you plenty of sizes, designs, and price choices.
  • Belize’s legal system is based on England’s so purchase details, contracts and more are easy to understand.
  • The nation’s Qualified Retirement Program kicks in at age 45 thus ex-pats create their own retirement lifestyles and you can, too.

Why not consider a move forward that could extend your life simply by getting you away from stress and relocating to a waterside domain where a ready-made community of like-minded ex-pats will welcome you with open arms? Start your life-extending journey by coming for a visit where you’ll learn that getting in on the ground floor is the coolest opportunity of all! 

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