Keep On Dreaming About Your Next Big Trip

by McNab Editorial Team

It’s an incredible time for the travel industry right now. With so much uncertainty, hoteliers, cruise providers, airlines and travel agents are doing the best they can to adapt to the ever changing situation surrounding COVID-19. Our mandate here at Caribbean Lifestyle is, and always will be to encourage people to travel to the beautiful Caribbean. We realize that right now even though Caribbean Countries thus far have not been highly affected by COVID-19, traveling may not be the right thing until there are more concrete answers to the novel coronavirus.

All faith should not be lost.

While we may feel a little bit constrained right now, the doors will reopen for travel. Keep dreaming about your next big vacation, the next family holiday or weekend escape. Spend your days researching the places you’ve always wanted to go – keep adding to your bucket list of places to visit and experience.  Stakeholders in the travel industry, including travel publications are keeping a close eye  on the evolving situation order to provide the most up to date information about our regions.

We ask that travelers be patient and kind to their call center agents when re-booking. They are working unending hours to keep up with the demands in travel changes. Please be understanding of policies hoteliers, airlines and cruise lines are putting into place – everyone is trying to provide the best solution for their guests while staying afloat.  

What we believe is most important during this time is for everyone to make very informed decisions to keep yourself and your community furthest away from any risk. The cooperation of everyone to assist with preventive efforts is very important to the control process of COVID-19.

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