Let Vista Real Estate Belize Find You a Home in Paradise 

by Larry Waight

The sheer beauty of Belize’s interior and the surrounding Caribbean Sea and Barrier Reef have transformed Belize into one of the hemisphere’s most popular vacation destinations, but it takes a lot more than a good view to convince someone to move. People are moving to this relatively unknown Central American country from America and other western countries in droves thanks to the low cost of living and incredibly generous tax breaks offered by the government.

But they’re also moving here because the culture shock is minor. With English as the national language, communication is rarely an issue for foreigners traveling and moving to Belize. And since the systems of real estate law are patterned on the English standard, the process of buying property is very familiar to Americans and many Europeans. But that doesn’t mean you should chart off a course to buying a home in Belize alone. You need a real estate agent who can protect your interests and make sure that you get a fair deal, and that can be Vista Real Estate.

Introducing Vista — Belize’s Premiere Real Estate Agency

vista real estate

Broker Hugo Moguel formed Vista Real Estate fully aware of the potential for the market to be an investment goldmine. Since the formation of the agency in 2004, Belize has seen a boom in foreigners looking to either invest or move to Belize. And while finding staff with the skills and experience to really excel took some time, Vista has ownership of hundreds of properties and employs a crack team of agents spread across multiple departments to handle the specialized needs of clients. A span of nearly two decades has been enough time for Vista to be transformed into a well-oiled machine — and a one-stop shop for any business related to Belize real estate.

Find Your Dream Home with a Vista agent

A large part of Vista’s success — and a large part of why it was so hard to find staff who met the standards established by Moguel — is that each area in Belize has its own unique feel. While many agencies treat their properties throughout the country interchangeably, Vista is focused on making sure that every property under their care receives the attention it deserves. From the distinct inland jungle of San Pedro to private island getaways to affordable beachfront real estate along the still overlooked area of Corozal Bay, they can get you fitted with a place for your personality and your budget.

Making a Smart Investment

Thanks to a combination of a great location and very generous tax breaks offered to foreign buyers, Belize has become a very promising opportunity for anyone looking for a solid investment. The options here are practically limitless too. An ongoing boom in resort developments means that there’s a piece to be had for just about anyone — and Vista can help you whether you want a small condo that you can rent out when you’re not using it as a vacation home or you want a plot of properties with the potential for expansion.

Maximize Your Real Estate Value


The biggest asset of Vista may be their vast knowledge base. In addition to helping clients find new properties, they can also offer full-service property management services — so you can just invest in a property and watch your returns roll on in. But Vista can also help you sell your home in Belize, and they can be your partner no matter how grand the scale of your ambitions is. Their expansive research gathering skills to plot your next investment moves, and they can even provide you with valuations on a property or help you plot out a bright future with retirement planning services. By putting all the services you could want in one place, they prevent the risk of having to hunt down different professionals and try to coordinate between them.

Vista’s Secret?

What separates Vista from other real estate agencies in Belize is that they manage to offer an unprecedented level of scale without sacrificing their core values. Vista has agents from throughout Belize who bring their own specialized expertise to the table, but the network of agents means that they can tag in another agent if there’s a shift in your needs.

But while each agent may have their own independent skills, everyone is in it together. Through pooling together resources, Vista has pulled to the forefront and constitutes the most elite of real estate representatives in Belize. And Moguel is dedicated to making sure that his firm is always a few steps ahead of the curve. Thanks to a dedicated research department and membership in LeadingRE — a real estate brokerage group that includes the world’s best agencies and offers access to exclusive resources and technology — he’s confident in Vista’s future. 

All images courtesy Vista Real Estate 

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