Oceana Belize’s Wavemaker Annual General Meeting 2019

by McNab Editorial Team

Oceana's Wavemaker Annual General Meeting 2019

Oceana Belize will be hosting it’s Wavemaker Annual General Meeting on Saturday October 19th, 2019. Belizeans from across the country have been invited to join Oceana Belize at 10AM at the SCA Auditorium  in Belize City for this annual meeting.

The event aims to share the past, present, and future conservation campaigns for the organization. Additionally, special recognition will be given to inspiring individuals, who have joined Oceana Belize in making steps towards protecting Belize’s marine environment.

Agenda For The Day

The  agenda is as follows:

  1. Welcome Address by Ms. Martinique Fabro, Mistress of Ceremonies, Communications Officer, Oceana in Belize
  2. Opening of meeting by Mr. Darius Avila, Office Administrator, Oceana in Belize
  3. Report from Ms. Janelle Chanona, Vice President, Oceana in Belize
  4. Presentation on Water Pollution by Ms. Stacy Alpuche
  5. Keynote Address by Ms. Tanya McNab, Plastic Free Reefs Belize
  6. Regional and National Wavemaker of the Year Awards by  Ms. Jacinta Gomez, Oceana Outreach Program Director, Oceana in Belize
  7. Closing Remarks
  8. Wavemaker Photo  
  9. Refreshments/Lunch

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Photos by: Oceana Belize

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