Popping The Question? Belize’s Most Romantic Places to Propose

by Larry Waight
romantic picnic xunantunich kaana resort

Creative romantics undertaking research on marriage proposals for the Top Wedding Sites website have managed to unearth some pretty unorthodox proposal scenarios that aren’t for everyone. One guy got down on his knee in the midst of a staged zombie apocalypse. Another organized a flash mob so he could pop the question while friends and family members pulled off the joyful choreography.

The most “far out” proposals writers found include the couple who got engaged during a zero-gravity drop while another guy went in the opposite direction by hiring divers to hold up a “Will you marry me?” sign beneath the ocean’s surface.

the placencia couple muyono dylan hetelle

Ideas are endless and you’ve probably got a few of your own, but you may need help choosing the right spot. Nothing surpasses Belize when it comes to proximity, affordability, resources and gorgeous locations. We’ve got recommendations, one of which may strike a chord. Take advantage of reduced airfares and resort rates and your only task will be to pick out the ring.

Just for fit couples who love adventure

Tiger Fern Summit Cockscomb Hiking

Photo via Instagram @helenaontherocks

Surprise her with a hike up Tiger Fern, where the views are almost as gorgeous as she is. This is a half-day experience that offers plenty of opportunities to present that ring and for couples who live on the wild side, you’ll already be in the midst of Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary where endangered jaguars roam within this park. One could even witness your big moment if you wait until you get down from its 360º.

Just for couples who care about nature

1000 foot falls belize plan visit

Photo by the Belize Tourism Board

There’s only one problem with visiting the Mountain Pine Ridge for the purposes of proposing: there are too many picture-perfect spots from which to choose. Included within this broad-leaf pine forest are breathtaking 1,000-foot waterfalls, Rio Frio Cave, Butterfly Falls, Big Rock Falls and Rio On Pools. All of these are spectacular and perfect for the selfies you’ll take once you put a ring on that finger.

Just for couples whose love is as big as the sky

Helicopter transfer

Private transfer, perhaps? Photo courtesy Ka’ana Resort

If the idea of proposing during the aforementioned zero-gravity drop doesn’t quite fit your description of a romantic proposal high up in the clouds, how about either skydiving or helicoptering over lush jungle canopies? There are several resources equipped to help couples skydive safely, but if that’s too extreme, how about taking a helicopter ride over Belize’s Great Barrier Reef? Either way, you’ll score originality points!

Just for couples who love mysteries

Discover history in Belize. Photo by Roeming Belize

Choose Xunantunich or another Maya ruin as the setting for your proposal amid ancient temples, ballparks and monuments, all perfect places to proclaim your everlasting love. There are 900 ruins in Belize so there is no shortage of these historic sites, and not everyone is above ground. You can also head for a Maya ceremonial cave beneath the earth where couples say that a proposal amid this dramatic backdrop is nothing short of amazing.

Just for couples who crave rest and relaxation

sunset xsite San Pedro Belize

Sunset with XSite. Image courtesy Carolee Chanona

Can you imagine yourselves on a sunset cruise where a discreet crew navigates the waters off Belize as you sip wine and talk about the future? Sunset cruises provide more than a scenic place to get down on one knee: they’re therapeutic for couples whose careers in the fast lane make moments like these especially precious. Entrepreneur Ram Charan best describes this perfect scenario: “The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the color gives your hope that the sun will set only to rise again.”

Just for couples who can’t get enough water sports

Looking to propose under the Caribbean Sea wearing a wet suit and proper gear? Belize is the ideal place to do just that given the vast, scenic underworld just offshore that’s filled with curious, colorful creatures that would be delighted to witness the occasion. Emulate the aforementioned proposer’s idea to have someone hold up a sign or bring your own. The only downside to this subterranean scenario is making extra sure that ring is kept in a safe place before it’s slipped onto the finger of the love of your life.

Just for couples who like to KIS (Keep it Simple)

Maya Beach, frequently called Belize’s most undeveloped beach community, offers couples extraordinary privacy on the Placencia peninsula, currently Belize’s most popular destination for travelers. Enjoy acres of sandy beach scattered with hammocks, beach loungers and filled with stately palm trees offering a tropical haven for couples who appreciate the majesty of solitude. Stop at an area seafood restaurant to request a picnic lunch before you choose the perfect spot to drop to one knee or both if the spirit moves you to pop the question. 

Header image courtesy Ka’ana Resort

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