How You Can Spend Thanksgiving In Ray Caye’s Newest Cabanas for 30% Less

by Carolee Chanona
new beach cabanas ray caye belize island

For those in search of a refreshing escape far from any maddening crowds of an airport for a one-of-a-kind immersive experience in the tropics, look no further than a luxury all-inclusive holiday at Ray Caye Island Resort just 18 miles from the southern coast of Placencia, Belize. Not enough to persuade you? Book now, and get 30% off if you stay through November 15th – 27th, 2022. Sun-seekers, this is your chance to spend a tropical Thanksgiving on an island in the sun! Enter Ray Caye Island Resort, one of the most unique places to travel just a 2-hour stint from Miami where you feel worlds away on a modern-day Gilligan’s Island in the Caribbean. This year, ditch carving a turkey to carve out unforgettable memories in Belize instead and spend Thanksgiving at Ray Caye Island Resort.

You Won’t Dare To Be Bored

Turtle Alley. Image via Ray Caye

After all, you’re only ten minutes away from the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve, a bustling 25,980 acres of vibrant marine life. Take a snorkeling tour to the nearby Turtle Alley for, you guessed it, swimming alongside these seafaring reptiles.

Or, catch more than just a tan while sunning onshore Silk Caye—a crash course on a trident polespear later and you could be cleaning up the invasively destructive lionfish from the coral reefs of Belize! Depending on the time of year, you could even catch a glimpse of the largest fish in the ocean when diving the Gladden Spit, which is world-famous for its whale sharks during March and June each year. Not a diver? Time to get PADI certified at Pirate Reef, the full-service Dive Shop and Center on Ray Caye.

Ray Caye jump belize

Dive into the Caribbean Sea! Photo by Kevin Quischan Photography.

Though if you couldn’t be bothered leaving your newly renovated Oceanfront Cabana, we won’t blame you. With a (beach) volleyball court, giant Jenga, non-motorized Hobie cats, a guests-only pool, a sea-plunging waterslide, a wellness center, and a submerged swing set, you don’t even need to leave the 7-acre kidney-shaped island to have fun.

You Won’t Miss The Kitchen

Nor will you tire of any of the meals from the Lionfish Bar & Grill. While you may not know exactly what to expect on a private island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, you should expect that Ray Caye is the complete opposite of anything cookie-cutter. Besides one for breakfast and lunch, there are no set menus for dinner. Instead, the welcome chalkboard that first greeted you with your name transforms into something else entirely: a slew of at least two options per meal to choose from for your three-course dinner.

You Won’t Regret New Thanksgiving Traditions at Ray Caye

Images via Ray Caye guests.

Gathering around the table: a once-almost sacred event, carefully guarded against distractions, is accused of being almost a relic in American memory. Except that is, for Thanksgiving, which is just what makes this opportunity to Ray Caye in Belize just so special.


By choosing Ray Caye, surrounded by your loved ones, watch the pinkish-purple sunset over their eponymous in-water swing set as the gentle ocean breeze cools your skin while eating some of the freshest fish I’ve ever tasted. Bonus points if you’ve caught it yourself on a day trip deep-drop fishing.

Claim 30% off your stay on the private island of Ray Caye this Thanksgiving here and be one of the first to stay inside their newly renovated Beachfront Cabanas. Divide it in half and forget the interior connecting door, since each side includes its own deck and private entrance, to stay as a family. Or, bask in the privacy of having everything to yourself. Although with a max of only 48 guests at any given time, privacy on Ray Caye is never that hard to find. Toes in the sand and all.

Header image via Ray Caye Island Resort.

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