Summer Is Almost Over. Here’s How To Make The Most Of It at Ray Caye 

by Gisselle Hernandez

In the blink of an eye, seven months have passed and with it, summer 2021. As we arrive at the tail end of vacation prime time, the opportunities to make the most of it are precious. With that in mind, you can’t go wrong with spending an absolute dream of a weekend at a private island resort, like Ray Caye, before going back to the real world. 

One-Size fits all

There’s a reason this kidney-shaped island was listed as one of the top destinations for honeymooners by Conde Nast Traveler. It may exude romance, with each room’s private plunge pools and luxurious beds, but Ray Caye is also a one-stop shop for families. Younger ones can brave their fear of heights with the fun salt water slide, or test out their athletic skills at the sandy volleyball court.

sail Ray Caye girl

Photo courtesy Ray Caye

Thrill seekers will also be vastly entertained by the island’s Hobi Wave Catamaran and scuba scooters, among other fun toys. Besides, what’s the definition of summer if not riding a private island’s jet ski in the Caribbean? 

Small but mighty  

Ray Caye aerial drone Duarte Dellarole island resort belize side view

Ray Caye may only be seven acres long with 20 rooms, but that’s all the room you need to become enamored with the restorative benefits that this resort provides. Only an hour by boat from Placencia, Ray Caye proves the last bit of summer can be the most memorable part of summer.

Arriving at the small island, you will notice the entirety of it is powered by solar panels. This unabashed care for the planet is also mimicked via the resort’s community outreach. As proud partners of the Fragments of Hope organization, Ray Caye is helping provide resources to address the decline of coral reefs in the Belize Barrier Reef. The same care put into donating monumental contributions to the FoH organization is reflected in the island’s care for each guests’ well-being. Their mantra of being a “sanctuary for the spirit” is evident with on-site spa services, meditative yoga sessions and an off-the-grid feel that doesn’t leave you wanting more. 

An island to yourself

An oceanfront villa with a private pool not feeling fancy enough? Rent out the entire island! Redefine the idea of squad goals by hosting a vacation your friends have never experienced before. Or perhaps your Pinterest wedding dream board can finally come true. Regardless, the idea of having an entire island to yourself doesn’t have to seem out of reach anymore. If there’s one thing Ray Caye truly advocates is that your summer deserves to be one that trumps all others, and here, that just might be possible. 


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