It’s Sea Turtle Awareness Day at The Clearwater Marine Aquarium

by McNab Editorial Team

You can make a difference for the sea turtles this nesting season.

In light of current events, this year’s Sea Turtle Awareness Day is a VIRTUAL event!

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium (who recently announced it’s merger with Belize counterpart, Jamal Galves) never stops working. Sea turtle nesting season is just around the corner, however. Essentially, Clearwater Marine Aquarium is responsible for surveying 21 miles of sandy beach along Pinellas County’s shoreline. This allows them to monitor for sea turtle nesting activity. All species of sea turtle are either threatened or endangered, which is why it’s critical that we protect them.

How You Can Help

Help us protect sea turtles by supporting our Sea Turtle Nesting & Conservation program. Though we can’t all be together today, you can still be part of #TeamCMA right from home.

Support our work by adopting a sea turtle hatchling plush! Or, be an ambassador by donating to receive the sea turtle bracelet. Donate $30 or more for two hatchlings and access to the exclusive, digital sea turtle portal. Donate $30 or more for the sea turtle bracelet.

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