Staying Active at Home

by Carolee Chanona

Local trainers are making it easier to stay active at home during quarantine 

With fitness-friendly locations closing amidst coronavirus, staying active at home is being made easy thanks to local trainers! For many Belizeans, disruptions to everyday life became a reality this week following the Belize’s State of Emergency. No gym? No problem!

Physical movement and a sense of normalcy during quarantine can positively affect mental health; especially if exercise was a part of your daily routine. Burn Box co-owner and Registered Nurse (RN), Whitney Arguelles, recommends 30 minutes a day of physical activity to “boost your immune system and release stress-fighting endorphins.” Get creative with household items for DIY gym equipment, like a 5-gallon water bottle or a backpack with cans.

Here are 4 free workouts to help you stay motivated, active, and calm at home during Belize’s 30-day quarantine:

CrossFit by WOD Society

“CrossFit can be described as high-intensity functional movements that put you on a fast-track to an endorphin buzz,” says CrossFit Level 1 certified trainer Sergio Quan “Being at home doesn’t mean you can’t get a great WOD in.” Set aside 30 minutes for this workout of the day (WOD) in the comfort of your living room, backyard, or bedroom. Time yourself for 10 rounds of 30 bodyweight squats into 10 burpees (both completed are 1 round).  


K1 Fitness

“We’ve been using our online program for K1 Fitness clients for a few months now, but have since added 6 free routines to our public YouTube channel,” K’waun Samuels said, “A new workout will be added online every Tuesday.”  



Yoga with Rachel

“Although you can’t control the world outside, you can control how you feel inside during this time of uncertainty to stay grounded”, says certified yoga instructor, Rachel Roe. Rachel’s 30-minute beginner-friendly flow was created exclusively for CC+L readers to try yoga and mindful meditation.  


Live Workouts with Monica

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Monica Habet has also optimized her online platform for home workouts and offers weekday live workouts on Instagram at 9:00 am, which are available on her page even after the workout expires. Monica says, “It’s important to focus on things we can control, like our mental state and bodies.”  

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