5 Resorts with Stunning Outdoor Tubs in Belize You’ll Never Want to Leave

by Gisselle Hernandez

There are most of us book hotels based on the number of pools on-site, the proximity to the beach, and the overall luxurious amenities offered. Then, there are those of us with great taste who hunt down hotels based on whether they have the smoking gun of luxurious travel: stunning outdoor tubs. 

For those whose affinity for pampering cannot go unchecked, our search histories often include scouting for hotels that boast large, soaking tubs. Our dream vacation involves spending most of it soaking away in a bubble bath after a hiking trip, a snorkeling tour, or simply just because we can. It’s no secret Belize has its lengthy list of luxurious resorts. With it, there are bound to be a few who coyly brag about their outdoor tubs on social media, hoping to tantalize. Well, it worked! Here are five stunning outdoor tubs in Belize promising to give you the ultimate bath of your dreams à la Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. 

Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge.

Images courtesy Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge

The blueprint for open-air bathtub enjoyment, Sleeping Giant Lodge’s Creekside Cottages is worth a few nights’ stay. The Lodge offers various suites – including a mountain view penthouse – but if you’d like to indulge in a quiet retreat closer to earth, book Creekside. Though the large bathtub is outdoors, you have perfect seclusion, with natural flora surrounding the suite. Here, you’ll have an unobstructed view of the gardens and the spring-fed creek that runs through the property. Hint: file under best rooms for couples or honeymooners

Copal Tree Lodge.

Sweeping mountain views and lush jungle canopies below are the sights that greet you when lounging in the Signature Canopy Suite’s soaking outdoor tub. All-inclusive Copal Tree Lodge, southern Belize’s premier luxury resort, is worth the five-hour drive for their bathrooms alone, if not for their farm-to-table cuisine and steadfast commitment to sustainability. This rural retreat in Southern Belize is often known for its unique stone-lined shower walls as seen on social media, but their outdoor tub takes the cake for ultimate rejuvenation. After touring their on-site Farm Center or farm-to-flask distillery, step into a well-deserved soak with the 22,000 acres of rainforest preserve spilling beneath you. 

Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge.

The relatively young Muy’Ono resort sits along the banks of the Macal River near San Ignacio Town in Cayo. Sweet Songs may be real, but their Premier Treehouse suite sure feels like you’ve stepped into a dream shrouded in romance and luxury. This suite, recommended for honeymooners, has its soaking tub on its outdoor terrace, a meshed mosquito wrap-around screen being the only barrier between you and the jungle below. After enjoying the tub with a glass of wine in hand, hop over to the suspended outdoor daybed calling your name and take a nap with the sounds of the rainforest lulling you to sleep. 

Naia Resort & Spa.

As Placencia’s heartthrob, Naia Resort & Spa continues to lure in visitors with its lily-covered lagoons spawning the ultimate couple’s retreat. Often sought out for its splendor laced with seclusion, the spa at Naia is transformative when it comes to revitalization. However, the opulence extends far from the spa and well into the decadent villas. More notably, the one-bedroom beach villas hold that precious deep-soaking standalone tub that landed Naia on this list. While not explicitly outdoors, the outside still seeps in through the room’s yawning floor-to-ceiling windows when slipping into a bath. Organic bath products accompany the indoor spa area, catering to a high-class reinvigorating feel. Want an even more Bali-esque feel? Swap out the bubbles for some rose petals and you’ll have yourself a very Instagrammable bath, eliciting some major vacation envy from your friends. 

Ka’ana Resort.

Another San Ignacio Eden, Ka’ana Resort is a boutique luxury stay that cannot be left off this list of outdoor tubs in Belize. With their private pool villa already making a splash on social media for years, Ka’ana’s outdoor soaking tubs are their newest addition. Found in the resort’s Casita Suites, these large tubs welcome the open air while still having that welcomed privacy. Sitting on a wooden deck, the soaking bathtub will be guests’ newest go-to this year. Apart from their exquisite farm-to-table cuisine at La Ceiba, Ka’ana is also a champion for sustainability. With social projects in the community and cultural tours available on site, the luxury of sitting in a large tub in the Belizean outdoors is just a bonus at this point.

Header image courtesy Copal Tree Lodge.

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