The Future of Sustainable Tourism in Belize  

by Larry Waight

When Belize opens its doors to travelers again, it will have a great opportunity to focus on sustainable tourism. Travel writers and other experts predict that post-pandemic travellers will insist on travel experiences that are sustainable, good for the environment, and good for local communities.

Belize’s Commitment to Conservation

In Belize, conservation is nothing new. Belize has long had a commitment to conservation and eco-tourism. Almost half the country is protected; whether by a marine reserve, wildlife sanctuary, jungle preserve or national park. Belize has countless stories of successful community conservation efforts that benefit the ecosystem, the tourism industry, and the people in a particular location.

The famous Hol Chan Marine Reserve began as a community-led effort to renew depleted fishing stocks in the waters around the Belize Barrier Reef. The effort led to the establishment of Belize’s first marine preserve. Since then, it has become one of Belize’s major tourism attractions. The Red Bank Village’s efforts to protect scarlet macaws from poachers have led to a thriving population of these endangered birds that also benefit the villagers.

The Community Baboon Sanctuary, The Belize Zoo, and the Green Iguana Conservation Project are also all examples of community-led efforts to protect Belize’s wildlife. People in Belize recognize that Belize’s incredible, gorgeous biodiversity is the country’s major attraction.

Howler Monkey
Howler Monkey
Green Iguana

Wide Open Spaces in Belize

With its sparse population and vast rural areas, Belize is ideal for travellers who are still hesitant to travel. There are no big crowds anywhere in Belize. Maintaining a social distance seems to almost come effortlessly. On the other hand, when you do feel like engaging in an activity, there are many options for doing that. In Belize, you can go at the pace you’re most comfortable with.

Sustainability is the Future of Travel

As more people become aware of the environmental impact of their travel to other countries, they’ll start to demand sustainable travel. Also known as eco-tourism or green travel, it’s a way of traveling that allows the tourist industry and environmental protections to work together. Belize is at the forefront of this type of travel market. For example, many of Belize’s resorts and restaurants use environmentally friendly policies. Some are completely “off the grid” and self-sustaining. In some protected areas, you can only travel with a specially licensed tour guide. Belize has learned that protecting its ecosystem is essential to its future.

Sustainable Tourism Benefits Everyone in Belize  

Belize’s incredible natural beauty is a major reason people want to visit this small Central American jewel. Protecting and preserving that beauty should be a top priority when normal travel starts again. We aren’t sure when Belize will start welcoming visitors again, but we know the future of green tourism is bright in Belize. 

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