Gift Belize to your Grads and Dads This Year

by McNab Editorial Team
chaa creek horseback riding

We can hardly believe we are half way through the year already! In the midst of graduation season and Father’s Day is just around the corner. With life changed so drastically the art of gift giving requiring some creativity these days, we want to bring happiness to those celebrating milestones, even if we can’t be near them.  If you can’t celebrate today, you can book some exceptional gifts for your loved ones to enjoy later down the road.

Belize’s tourism industry is rapidly preparing to reopen shortly, while a final date is not set yet, we know that not all of summer will be lost and Thanksgiving or Christmas in Belize is a fantastic choice for the whole family.  So why not buy a Gift Card or book a Travel Voucher to one of Belize’s fantastic hotels, or if you’re already on schedule to visit Belize you can book a once-in-a-lifetime tour now, and enjoy later!

A Belize Vacation for your favourite graduate? We think so.

must do'sWhat would make any graduate happier than to have a vacation planned and booked for them before the end of 2020! Belize’s Most popular destinations include:

Dads and Grads love adventure!

This means you can never go wrong in booking a Belize holiday or an adventure tour while in Belize. While you may not be able to be in Belize on Father’s Day this year, you can buy now and travel later – at some great deals too. Check out our Travels Deal page from some amazing offers from Belize Hotels.

Some of Belize’s top adventure tours include:

How about buying gift cards for Grads and Dads?

Visit our Hotel Directory and find the resort that fits you best! Then, contact the concierge through the email contacts provided on their page and they can arrange it all for you. Not all hotels have gift cards set up for check out, but they will all work with you one-on-one to ensure you get the gift you’re looking for and can provide you a certificate to e-gift or deliver yourself.

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