Total Mind & Body Recharge at Ray Caye Island Resort, For Positive Vibrations

by Carolee Chanona

It’s a funny thing traveling mid-pandemic. Craving isolation and privacy once we do venture out while being chafe when staying at home. Although, there’s a happy in-between found at uncrowded destinations with plenty of elbow room, fresh air, and all the modern comforts to lure you out. Add to the mix a gracious setting with an unending goal of wellness, and it’s easy to discover the makings of a getaway most of us have—whether knowingly or not—needed for a year. If you’re seeking positive vibrations after a year like 2020, then set your sights on the shores of Ray Caye in Belize for a sustainable retreat of weekend yoga, meditation, and breathwork.

Plunge Pools & Positive Vibrations

Ray Caye honeymoon plunge pool

Yoga can be described as an open-eyed meditation that gives you the confidence needed to navigate one’s hectic life while quieting internal dialogue with your inner self. I don’t even need to say it out loud, but maintaining that connection, however, has been challenging throughout this health crisis.

Ray Caye island resort breakfast by the pool

Breakfast at Ray Caye.

But then—with a glimmer of normalcy ahead—vaccination roll-outs sweep the globe as widespread testing continues on. Suddenly, that yoga retreat doesn’t seem too selfishly out of the question. After all, yoga retreats combine the proven benefits of consistent practice with the idyllic backdrop of a beautiful landscape. Emblematic of the dreamlike Caribbean island resort experience, Ray Caye’s meticulously-groomed grounds of ruby red hibiscus compliment red stamped concrete pathways, private plunge pools, and a water slide emptying into the Caribbean Sea.

This tropical eco-retreat draws on Belize’s rich natural resources: endless sun (the resort’s central bank runs on over 600 solar energy) and coral-rich, fish-filled waters (dinner brings red snapper or the invasive lionfish with a side of plantain). If that’s not enough to quiet the mind, falling asleep to the sound of the waves crashing against the sea wall will. At the end of the day, venture out to the main dock for sunset-gazing, as dusk turns into deep blue hues and (namesake) spotted Eagle Rays amorously glide past, just below the ocean’s surface.

Ray Caye tropical isolation belize

Get your feet wet, literally, with travel thanks to this kidney-shaped island resort limited to just 20 rooms and less than 50 guests on the island at any given time. And at only 7 acres large 18 miles off the coastal Placencia Village, you couldn’t get lost on this eco-off-the-grid haven even if you tried. With single and double occupancy packages offering all of the above in abundance, guests at Ray Caye can also enjoy nutritious local foods, daily yoga practice (for both novice and experienced yogis), drinks, and even a restorative massage.

A New Day, A New Vinyasa: Your 2-Day Itinerary

Start your mornings with breath and a yoga pose. Image courtesy Brice Dial/Kevin Quischan Photography

Surrounded on all sides by those astounding azures, dive straight into a slower pace on the island of Ray Caye, led by local yogi Brice Dial. See, the retreat will consist of a mix of vinyasa yoga flows, slow flow yoga, and Yog-Vedantic Kriya Kundalini—much akin to island time. There might be a few changes depending on the group, but Friday’s arrival is the exhale you’ve been waiting for: 45-minutes of Sattva Breathwork and Kriya, which is just enough to work up an appetite for the airy Lionfish Grill. At dawn, you’ll head into a Sattva Sunrise Meditation, followed by breakfast, like vibrant bowls of fresh tropical fruits—enough to leave you feeling moderately balanced for the day ahead.

Bellies full, Ray Caye’s Hobie cat beckons adventure seekers for a day sail or snorkel, thanks to the on-site Pirate Reef Divers. Although armed with a novel in hand to cozy into, you could choose to do absolutely nothing at all; you can’t really choose wrong. That evening, decompress with a Slow Flow Class as sunset streams down before melting into the tangerine-tinted Caribbean Sea. More good vibrations: day 2 starts with a Sattva Sunrise Meditation, before leading into a Chakra Balancing Class.

As for when you choose to indulge in your massage à la carte, we’ll leave that up to you.

Yoga day-Ray Caye

Join ROC Ambassador, yoga specialist, and Placencia-resident Brice Dial in Belize for all of the above, plus more. For more information, contact [email protected]. Header image courtesy Duarte Dellarole

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