Do You Travel Or Do You Vacation? Get to Enjoy Both With This Belize Vacation Rental

by Khaila Gentle

What does the ideal trip look like to you? Would you rather do it all or simply do nothing at all? The “traveling vs vacationing” debate is one that’s been around for quite some time now. Thanks to TikTok though, it’s also one that has heated up over the past few months. Not sure what the debate is even all about? Keep reading to find out if you’re a “traveler” or a “vacationer”. Plus, learn about the all-inclusive vacation rental in Belize that lets you be both. 

To Travel Or To Vacation 

Do you like to do it all or do nothing at all when you travel? Photo Credit: Casa Al Mar

Do you dream of kicking back and taking in the scenery at gorgeous, far-flung destinations, drink in one hand and, maybe, a bowl of ceviche in the other? Or, do you often find yourself making a note of all the adventures and cultural experiences you’d like to one day enjoy? 


“I am a vacationer. Leave me at the hotel, please. That’s where the margaritas are”
TikTok User Noelle 


If you lean towards the latter then you’re likely a traveler. And if do-nothing trips are more to your liking, then it’s more likely that you’re a vacationer – at least, according to some. The best trips, however, usually involve a healthy combination of the two, and if you agree, then here’s some good news: we know just the place where you can enjoy exactly that. 


“I think I’m a traveler because in any country I go, I must, at least once, hike a mountain or go somewhere in nature”
TikTok User Marisa 


Regardless of what’s more your style, and even if you use the words “travel” and “vacation” interchangeably, enjoy both adventure and relaxation while visiting the Caribbean gem that is Belize. 

Get the Best of Both Worlds at Casa Al Mar in Belize

Snorkel the Caribbean Sea in Belize. Photo by Casa Al Mar
Explore the streets of Caye Caulker

Flanked by the Caribbean Sea to its east and Mexico and Guatemala to its north, south, and west, Belize is a tiny nation packed with surprises – like the fact that over 400 islands dot its waters. That includes the historic and laidback St. George’s Caye, where both travelers and vacationers alike revel in the many offerings of all-inclusive vacation rental Casa Al Mar. 

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The embodiment of true island living, St. George’s Caye is off the beaten path, exuding an unmistakeable go-slow atmosphere. Still, Casa Al Mar’s amenities ensure that guests want for nothing. Equipped with a kitchen, a large dining room, a living room, bar, study and front balcony with hammocks, it’s the ideal location for an idyllic group getaway. Plus, having a private chef, boat captain, licensed guide, and housekeeping will ensure that every vacation goes without a hitch. 

Casa Al Mar: A Private Vacation Rental on the island of St. George’s Caye, Belize

Meanwhile, when it comes to seeing and experiencing Belize, island-based tours will awaken the inner traveler in everyone. Explore the cerulean waters of the Caribbean Sea with a snorkeling trip. Experience what it’s like to soak up the sun in the middle of the ocean on a sandbar. Or, learn how to fish and have the chef cook up your catch for the day. Then, immerse yourself in the culture of one of Belize’s most beloved islands with a trip to Caye Caulker. 

Whether you spend the days hammock testing or checking off your Belize bucket list though, end them with magnificent three-course dinners before retreating to one of six cozy bedrooms.  Casa Al Mar can accommodate up to 14 guests, and bookings can be made directly or via Airbnb or VRBO

All photos courtesy of Casa Al Mar unless captioned otherwise.

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