When You Vacation in Belize, Sojourn On the Beach With Chabil Mar

by Larry Waight

The number of health benefits travelers receive from vacationing on a sunny beach—no matter the season—can not only improve your life but add years to it. Simply removing yourself from the stress of city life, deadlines, and demands, you are forced to slow down and contemplate things that mean the most in life: your happiness, relationships, and perhaps the goals you’ve set over the years but never checked off. 

For travelers who keep tabs on trends, Belize beaches have come into their own, especially beaches rimming the Placencia peninsula, a 16-mile-long parcel of land that competes with some of Mexico’s most popular beach destinations. Navigable by bike, beaches along the Caribbean and lagoon sides are a vacationer’s dream. Not far from the shoreline, find coffee shops, cafes, boutiques, galleries, and more. But it’s the benefits visitors gain from proximity to the beach that drives visitors to these shores.

Beach stays are healing and relaxing

Neuroscientist Dr. Heidi Hanna believes that tourists can’t put a price on beach vacations, citing “beach brain” as her solution for calming stressed-out people who live life in the fast lane. Dr. Hanna prescribes beach holidays for her stressed-out climates and insists that simply arriving on a sandy expanse greatly impacts the mind and body. It’s the fastest way to diminish muscle tension and increase feelings of well-being, she adds.

A haven for your time in Belize

Having settled on the trendy Placencia peninsula as your vacation destination, choosing a resort that’s on the beach is an easy decision, according to frequent visitors who find their bliss at Chabil Mar VillasChabil Mar’s vacation packages are designed with all types of guests in mind and they cover the entire cost of a stay so guests can devote every minute to finding peace of mind. From the moment you arrive and take your first walk along the resort’s private beach, stress hormones start diminishing. You can thank your proximity to the beach for these first feelings of euphoria.

What else can you expect from your Chabil Mar beach holiday?

Dr. Hanna writes that it takes very little time for vacationers to begin feeling renewed—perhaps a few minutes roaming the sand is all it takes to enhance the brain’s ability to shift dramatically. “Micro shifts of going to the beach can be brain health protective,” she notes, especially in concert with sun and surf.

Sunshine lifts moods and hypes energy levels. Natural light and vitamin D contribute to bone health and boosted immune systems. When you walk barefoot on sand (feet have more nerve endings than elsewhere on the body) you ground your body and get a mood boost thanks to positive ions in salty air which also contribute to inflammation reduction.

Without realizing it, you’re getting much-needed exercise when you roam Chabil Mar’s shoreline, and as a bonus, the sound of waves decreases blood pressure numbers and improves heart rate variability by day. Since your digs will be close to the water’s edge, you’ll sleep like a baby throughout your stay as well.

Pair time on the beach with lively excursions

Having become aware of the physical and mental benefits a stay at Chabil Mar induces, you’ll have fun while getting in your doctor-recommended time on the sand. Placencia Village is a wonderland of experiences, not the least of which is an opportunity to meet people representing an impressive ethnic mix that includes Garifuna, Creole, Maya, East Indian, Chinese, North American, and European people who call this area home.

Don’t be surprised to discover that Belizeans are the friendliest people you’ve encountered during your travels and you’ll converse in English since it’s Belize’s first language. For fitness enthusiasts, water sports and thrills like zip-lining, cave repelling, rainforest treks, and jungle explorations are all on the resort’s activity menus and you won’t have to endure endless travels to reach all of these wonders.

Further, the Placencia lagoon is a marine conservationist’s dream. This inlet serves as breeding grounds for saltwater crocodiles, marine turtles, endangered manatees, and so many bird species, you’ll need a breed book to keep track of them all. You could also spot dolphins and stingrays frolicking in the lagoon if your timing is right. Best of all, the distance between Chabil Mar and the lagoon is just one mile.

“What I found in Placencia was simply, paradise. A warm and caring people and an unsurpassed tropical haven. I have traveled to several tropical destinations, and I have never found such beauty,” one first-time visitor raved.

You’ll agree. Especially once all of the therapeutic benefits kick in, energizing your spirit so you return home with a new perspective on everything about your life.

All images via Chabil Mar Villas.

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