Reasons to Visit Southern Belize in June 

by McNab Editorial Team
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If you were to ask any Belizean where the best destinations are located, they would more than likely tell you in Southern Belize. This is where you’ll find the most cultural influences in this melting pot of a country; the scenery when traveling anywhere down south is remarkable; everything about experiencing this part of Belize is unique. The month of June is the beginning of summer vacation and the opening of many seasons, making it the best time to visit and here’s why.  

Belize’s Low Season 

This is around the time when prices drop for almost everything – tours, resorts, activities, and airfare. Southern Belize is a hub for the best outdoor activities in the country whether it’s snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, zip-lining, cave tubing, birding or others. There’s an abundance of activities to suit everyone, at a great cost. Due to the low season, tour companies and resorts offer discounts on their tours and accommodation, so you can rack up the best deals/packages.  Check out our recommendations below:

Lobster Season 

Are you a fishing enthusiast or seafood lover? Maybe both? June is the opening of Belize’s lobster season, and there’s a big lobster festival down south in the beachside village of Placencia. You can try grilled lobster, lobster fritters, lobster ceviche, curried lobster and tasty varieties. If you enjoy fishing, then you can book a fishing trip and capture your own lobsters to be cooked however you like them.  

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Whale Shark Season 

June is also the time of year that you are most likely to see whale sharks. This is a once in a lifetime experience to see and swim along with these magnificent sea creatures, so why not jump at the chance to do this? At the Gladden Spite Marine Reserve around the time of a full moon, is when you’ll be most likely to see them. You can book a tour and go out to this marine reserve with licensed guides, and snorkel or dive with them. 

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Cultural Experience 

Down south you’ll find all the cultures of Belize – Garifunas, East Indians, Mayans, Mennonites, Creoles, Mestizos and Asians all living and associating with each other. Dangriga is known as the “kulcha capital” of Belize; here you can learn everything about the Garinagu people and try their delicious traditional dishes. In the Toledo district you can learn about the East Indians and Mayan people; see how they live, how they gather their foods and prepare their dishes, get a feel for their lifestyle.  

Written by Reyann Garcia

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