Why Winter Adventures in Belize are Designed For Lovers

by Larry Waight

What do romance and adventure have in common? Plenty, say experts. According to one wedding planner who publishes the results of independent studies, couples who “adventure together” tend to develop stronger relationships. You’re likely to agree when you consider these salient points:

  • Adventurous couples may share goals, but they also respect their partner’s eagerness to do other things, especially when they vacation. Because this level of respect is woven into their relationships, instead of feeling competitive, healthy couples motivate each other and can’t wait to celebrate each other’s achievements.
  • Adventurous couples develop an implicit trust that each member will have the other’s back. As a result of this, couples are motivated to take more risks, especially when undertaking activities that literally put their lives into each other’s hands. They know if something goes wrong, they’re not alone!
  • Romantic adventures almost always take priority over tending to everyday habits like repeatedly checking devices. Instead of being immersed in the digital world, couples become immersed in shared experiences-—so much so, they’re more likely to ask each other for help because they’re focused on communicating rather than worrying about bruised egos!
  • Memories born of romantic adventures craft memories no ordinary vacation could possibly generate and exciting experiences turn up the heat on passion and make each person feel so much more alive.

There’s more to be said but nothing surpasses taking your own romantic adventure getaway this winter so you can speak from the heart when you’re asked for advice on how your relationship has stayed so strong over time.

Where to Go to Heat Up Your Romantic Adventure

If your thoughts about getting and staying warm transcend the bedroom, you may wish to make Belize your destination this winter. Ordinary things you value but take for granted—like having the ability to travel abroad in just a few hours—are found in Belize. That’s especially true if you choose a resort promising to warm things up throughout your stay.

At Chabil Mar Villas, you two will enjoy the two elements that most contribute to a romantic adventure: luxe, private quarters and a tour menu guaranteed to test your shared mettle. There’s more. When neither of you are having to worry about jobs, kids, and obligations, you can truly unwind–especially if you choose an all-inclusive package that allows you to immerse yourselves in each other rather than mundane decisions related to your stay.

What Adventures Can You Expect During Your Chabil Mar Stay?

chabil mar villas adventures belize

Photo Courtesy: Chabil Mar Resort

Allow us to point out some of the exciting adventures you’ll love and remember forever:

  • Wander Placencia Village. Shop for each other while sampling galleries, pubs, eateries, and entertainments that include Belize’s music scene where impromptu dancing adds to the fun.
  • Avail yourselves of two gorgeous coasts, since the 16-mile-long Placencia peninsula offers visitors both a Caribbean side and a tranquil lagoon side, where spotting a gentle manatee could thrill you both.
  • Scuba, deep-sea dive and fish to your heart’s content. From availing yourselves of the wonder found in and around the Belize Barrier Reef to diving famous sites that attract well-known aquatic personalities, nothing compares to the quiet and majesty couples find while sharing these aquatic adventures.
  • Undertake a deep dive into Belize culture together. You’ll look at the nation and its people differently when you learn how this country came to be founded and efforts it took to achieve independence once the nightmares of colonization by other countries finally ended, leaving behind a diverse populace of Maya, Creole, Mestizo and Garifuna societies.
  • Grab your share of extreme adventures by zip lining, trekking through jungles and rainforests, and encountering wildlife. From loquacious black howler monkeys and the hemisphere’s best birding scene to the only jaguar reserve on earth, protected and endangered species find a home in Belize, a fact that will warm your hearts, too.

What’s Your Definition of A Romantic Adventure?

Because every couple is unique, defining romantic adventure isn’t easy, but there is one thing couples can agree upon: Finding adventure outside familiar territory heightens all of the senses. Grab your share of romance and adventures this winter when you vacation in Belize.

At Chabil Mar, every opportunity to immerse yourselves in all of this excitement will be just as heart-pounding during the other seasons of the year. And if saving money gets you almost as excited as the sight of your true love in their bathing suit, you’ll be especially excited to learn that rates are at their lowest during summer months!

All photos courtesy of Chabil Mar Villas unless otherwise stated. 

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