3 Choctastic Belize Activities for Epicureans to Try

by Vivian Roe
itzana chocolate workshop tasting

If anyone know how to put on an egg-cellent Easter celebration, it’s Itz’ana Resort & Residences. Their Sweet Egg-scape package is a choco-block full of festive themed activities for the whole family. But for those that cannot make the Easter weekend, no need to worry. The boutique resort offers an abundance of wonderful activities for epicurians and chocolate lovers alike – no matter the season.

Here are three to tantalize the taste buds…

Explore a Maya Cacao Farm

Did you know some of the world’s finest chocolate originates in Belize? In fact, the ancient Maya invented it. Itz’ana offer guests a guided tour of one of Southern Belize’s cacao farms. On the tour, you’ll learn about the growing, harvesting, and curing of cacao beans; each a vital step in the production process for chocolate. And after your cacao crash course, you’ll handcraft your own delectable chocolate confection.

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Make your Own Chocolate

This short, sensory workshop takes place on-site. It takes participants through the chocolate history in Belize and chocolate production today. Following, you’ll sample the cacao fruit and melt and mould chocolates with other local infusions. Finally, the best part – sampling the chocolate in various percentages. This even includes drink form with the tasting of Mayan hot chocolate.

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Dinner at Limilia Restaurant

Limilia, the on-site restaurant at Itz’ana, celebrates the diversity and abundance of the area, with a nod to the Garifuna, its original inhabitants. Their menu focuses on seasonal and locally sourced ingredient. So it goes without saying chocolate is one of these. On the menu, you’ll find an array of chocolate infused dishes to try. For mains, try the Placencia Pescado – grilled line fish with cacao mashed potatoes, romaine and feta salad with a lime green sauce. The chocolatey desserts are all delicious. But the Ix Cacao Chocolate Gianduja packs a triple tasty chocolate infusion. Not to mention, the decadent dessert is a local chocolate ganache with jungle honey comb and chocolate ice cream – enough said!

For more information on any of these activities or to book a stay at Itz’ana, visit their website. Header image courtesy Itz’ana Resort.

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