5 Perfect Days in Placencia

by McNab Editorial Team
placencia beach belize

Placencia, a small coastal village in the South, is a popular vacation spot in Belize with access to both marine and jungle adventures. Situated on the Southernmost tip of a narrow, sandy peninsula, this quaint village offers laidback beach vacation options and off-the-beaten-path adventures.

Wondering how to spend your time on the peninsula? What makes this location special is that you can have access to and enjoy a variety of adventures.


Day 1:

The day you arrive, spend some time getting acquainted with the peninsula. If staying on the outskirts of the village in the Maya Beach Area Seine Bight area, take a golf cart or taxi into the village and have a walk down the Placencia sidewalk. Stop off at local craft stores along the way or stop in at a beach bar to enjoy the sea breeze and ice-cold tropical cocktail.

Day 2:

Spend your day enjoying the Caribbean Sea. When in Placencia be sure to book a dive or snorkel trip out to one of the marine reserves in the South. The Silk Cayes or Laughing Bird National Park are the two most popular dive and snorkel spots. Pristine waters and vibrant marine life makes for an exceptional day out.

Day 3:

For your jungle adventure, head on over to Bocawina National Park which covers over 7000 acres of lush rainforest, pristine waterfalls. Spend your morning on a hike through the rainforest learning about the flora and fauna. Go birding and spot various birds, with over 200 species of birds being found in the park. Depending on the hike you have done you can cool down as you rappel down Antelope Falls or end your hike with a refreshing swim at Bocawina falls.  After taking some time to take in all the adventures done for the day, you can end your day with one final adventure – Ziplining. Go ziplining and take in the view from above as you zip across the jungle canopy.

Day 4:

Fishing is fantastic from Placencia. You can spend your day fly fishing, deep-sea fishing, or inner reef fishing.  If not interested in fishing, take a scenic boat trip to Monkey River, a small village in Southern Belize. Head upstream where you get the chance to spot amazing wildlife. Iguanas turtles, birds, crocodiles, and black howler monkeys are all possible sightings. As you make your way back to the Placencia Lagoon you have the opportunity to spot majestic manatees.

Day 5:

Day five may be your last day, but make most of your time with a morning swim in the Caribbean Sea or enjoy a nice local breakfast – Fry jacks, beans, bacon, and eggs- before you hit the road or get a flight to the international airport. The flight from Placencia to Belize International airport is roughly 45 minutes, or you can take a scenic three-hour drive.


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