5 Things to Know When Visiting Belize 

by McNab Editorial Team
coral reef

When going on a trip there’s always someone asking “what this would be like” or “what that would be like”; even during and after your trip you find yourself wishing there were things you had already known about a place. For other people, they search the internet to find out things they want to know in order to prepare themselves. So here’s a guide with a few things you should know when planning your trips to Belize.  

1. The weather is all over the place 

 We have a subtropical climate which means you get sun, rain, and a little cold sometimes in one day. But for the first 5 months of the year, we receive more hot days which are ideal for your spring break and family vacations. The rest of the year is a mixture of both sunny and rainy days so this will hardly ruin your vacation. If the weather is an important factor when planning your trip, then this should help you pick the month you want to visit.  

2. Would you like to visit during high/low season? 

In most countries, you will find a high season which is when most tourists are visiting a country, and a low season when there aren’t as many tourists visiting. In Belize, the high season runs from December to April and the low season from May to November. During the low season, you can receive many deals and discounts from hotels/resorts, tour companies, and even flights to Belize – this would be a perfect time to plan a trip with your family or a group of friends.  

3. Some of the Maya civilizations reside here 

You can find a number of ancient Mayan cities and archaeological sites from North to South of the country, so you can find one that’s close to where you are staying.  

maya ruin

4. Belize has the second largest barrier reef 

Visitors can book tours with a local company or a freelance tour guide to snorkel/dive the barrier reef. They can visit the different areas (coral gardens, shark ray alley, Hol Chan) or the various atolls near the reef. 

coral reef

5. We love to party! 

Almost every month of the year there is a huge festival or event happening in Belize – September we celebrate Belize’s independence all month long; in November there is Garifuna Settlement Day and Taco festival! If you enjoy good food and good music, here is the place to be. 


Written by Reyann Garcia

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