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“A Better View from Up Top” 

Wonder what the view is like from up here? Soar over lagoons, creeks, villages, mountains, forests and captivating Belizean waters and experience the sight of Belize’s mainland like never before. Join us in reading the top air tours Belize has to offer and why you should take flight!  

Let’s fly! There’s something about the experience of seeing the majestic view of God’s creation from up above. Walking, swimming, diving, traveling by boat are the common mode of exploration, but the aerial view takes the scenery perspective to a whole other level. Here are a couple of reasons why you should take this aerial tour of Belize.  

New Perspective  

Belize is divided into four main geographic regions: the low Maya Mountains and narrow coastal plains in the south, lowlands with many rivers and streams in the north, flat and swampy coastal plain and endless cayes, islands and lagoons along its Caribbean coastline. Belize is covered by more than 50% of tropical rainforest including rivers. Its most compelling and significant river is the river that stretches from the Guatemala border to the Caribbean Sea.  

Belize is home to the second-largest Great Barrier Reef, a 175-mile-long barrier reef border the Belize coastline made up of hundreds of islands and cayes. 58 miles east of Belize City sits the Blue Hole in all its glory. It is about 1000 feet long and about 400 feet deep. The Blue Hole is known today as one of the world’s most popular diving spots.  

With all that said, imagine catching a glimpse of all this beauty through the comfort and convenience of your window. You are surrounded by nature’s splendor and majesty.  

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Aerial View of Belize City

A Win-Win Situation

Driving from one end of Belize to the other might take hours and even days. Traveling by boat may also take several hours. Walking would take weeks or months but fly in one of Belize’s aerial tours takes less than an hour! Imagine being able to capture the detailed and majestic view of Belize in a single hour. This tour is even better than the pictures on a travel magazine, it is an experience that allows you to see so much in such a short time frame.

See the Hidden and Inaccessible Areas

There are plenty of locations in Belize that are inaccessible in other modes of transportation, but by air, you can view it all. It is like being one of the birds in the sky. You can see the secluded areas with ease and capture it all with one look.  

Companies that Provide Air Tours: 

Astrum Helicopters Belize

This company runs three turbine powered rotary wing Bell helicopters 206 and 407 with exceptionally experienced and professional pilots. Astrum Helicopters are catered to meet the customers’ needs. Aside from tours, Astrum Helicopters also specialize in providing services such as search and rescue, aerial surveys as well as filming and photography. Astrum provides the following Helicopter adventure tours: 

  • Great Blue Hole & Barrier Reef:  A once in a lifetime adventure seeing 2 of the 3 atolls in Belize which is part of the largest barrier reef system along the coast of Belize, followed by the Great Blue Hole. The flight is approximately 1 hour- 1 hr. 24 mins. Departure locations: Belize City or San Pedro. 
  • Maya Ruins of Altun Ha & Lamanai: Half a day custom-made for cultural lovers. This tour takes you through the mystical Maya ruins of Altun Ha and Lamanai via helicopter and airboat through the rainforest canopies and river lagoons.  
  • Cave Tubing & Canopy Tour: Board a private helicopter at the Cisco Base Heliport in Belize City which flies south to the Northern Lagoon. On this journey, you will witness the rich green forest of Belize followed by Ian Anderson’s Cave Branch, the Sibun River and finally fly over Caves Branch with limestone arches and mountains.  
  • Waterfalls & 1,000 Ft. Falls: A tour soaring through the astonishing Maya mountain landscape and the gorgeous sight of five waterfalls, including the largest waterfall in Central America.  
  • Belize City & Reef: A city tour highlighting top cultural and ecological attractions. It is a 30-minute flight excellent for proposals, anniversaries, romantic date and even birthdays.  
  • Blue Hole & Turneffe Islands with Dives: Miles of mesmerizing beauty as you fly across the Belize Barrier Reef, secluded islands, mangrove-covered cayes, marine life, and the prominent Great Blue Hole.  
  • Ambergris Caye & Reef: A tour highlighting the island of San Pedro at its best. Enjoy 45 minutes of San Pedro’s main natural attractions followed by the Belize Barrier Reef. 
belize cityblue hole in belize
Belize Barrier Reef

Maya Island Air

    • Blue Hole Tour: A unique tour captivating the stunning natural beauty of Belize’s Great Blue Hole, barrier reef, Shark Ray Alley, Turneffe Atoll and Lighthouse Reef in one hour. Also, Maya offers the option of experiencing from the view of the co-pilot or window seat. This option can be booked on their website. Flights depart San Pedro at 1:00 p.m. (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday).

Tropic Air

  • Blue Hole Tour: Board the private chartered plane and fly out to the reef where you will see the historic St. George’s Caye. The voyage continues east over Turneffe Atoll, Half Moon Caye and Lighthouse Reef Atoll to the Great Blue Hole.  


Keep in mind all the tours mentioned above are dependent on the weather. Experience the mind-blowing view of a lifetime and don’t forget to pack your cameras! The scenery makes for incredible photo opportunities and an unforgettable sight.  

Written by Jiyoung Chehade

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