Travellers Liquors & Holmes Cay launch international rum: The Belize 2005

by Carolee Chanona

In a first for the company, Holmes Cay – Single Cask Rum has produced a limited edition rum in collaboration with the historic Travellers Liquors Distillery of Belize, Central America. Although this week, The Belize 2005 edition will reach shelves in New York! Following its acclaimed releases from international distilleries, Holmes Cay continues to bring a variety of boutique, rare international rums to US spirits lovers.

“We are especially proud of this rum, selected and bottled in a collaboration with Travellers Liquors Distillery of Belize,” said Holmes Cay founder Eric Kaye. “They have been making world-class rum for decades; we are honored to be able to present one of their best to US spirits lovers.”

Magali Gabb, General Manager of Travellers Liquors Distillery said, “We are excited to be working with Holmes Cay on their latest release. We applaud Holmes Cay’s dedication to celebrating great rums made using time-honored production methods.”

The Belize 2005 is the first 100% tropically aged cask strength rum from Belize to be offered for sale in the US.

The Pedigree

The Holmes Cay Belize 2005 was tropically aged for 15 years in ex-Bourbon casks. The column still rum was distilled in 2005; the rum was then bottled in 2020 at the Travellers Liquors Distillery located in Belize City, Belize of Central America. Not to mention, the Belize 2005 was bottled at cask strength, or 61% alcohol by volume. Most impressive feat? Only four casks of this premium, 100-percent tropically aged rum are available.

After all, these are rums that you should take your time with, the way you might with a complex scotch whisky.

holmes cay belize 2005

Tasting Notes

First and foremost, the Belize 2005 rum hints caramel, vanilla, and cherry to emerge on the nose. Light chocolate and tobacco explode on the tongue. Meanwhile, stone fruit and earthy tobacco shade towards sherry in the medium-length finish.

Holmes Cay’s Belize 2005

Holmes Cay focused on one thing: releasing the best single cask rum it can find without any added sugars or adulterants.

The Belize 500

The Belize 500. Photo by Meredith Callinan

These bottles are pretty high-octane, with ABVs ranging from about 55 percent to a hefty 64 percent. But add a little water if that seems a bit intense, and the flavors really start to shine. The Belize 2005 is the brand’s newest release, joining releases from Barbados, Fiji, and Guyana.

“We believe this cask strength Belize 2005 is comparable in quality and character to aged premium whiskeys or bourbons. We are proud to work with Travellers Liquors Distillery; to showcase this cask strength, full 15-year tropically aged Belize rum,” said Kaye. “Holmes Cay has celebrated the world’s best rums for distilling artistry and transparency of production. With few opportunities in the US to enjoy pure aged rum at full cask strength, we exist to connect spirits, lovers, to great quality, unadulterated rums.”

Holmes Cay – Single Cask Rum Belize 2005 will be available for orders the week of August 17th in New York. Additionally, The Belize 2005 release carries a suggested retail price of US$109 (750ml bottle). However, for more information, email: [email protected]. Source: Holmes Cay 

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