Belize takes Precautionary Measures with a 14-Day August Lockdown

by McNab Editorial Team

A surge in Covid forces Belize into a 14 day Lockdown

Prime Minister Rt. Dean Barrow announces the restriction in a national address August 06, 2020. Due to a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases in three districts, the country will go into a lockdown as of August 07, 2020. The decision has come due to a local spike with there being an urgency to contain the spread.

The implementation of  an emergency proclamation will be for the entire country of Belize with striker lockdown regulations outlined for hotspots which include Ambergris Caye and villages in Orange Walk District.  The villages  required to be in complete lockdown include: Santa Martha Village as well Shipyard and Guinea Grass.

Under the emergency proclamation countrywide curfew will be in place, there will be limitations on gatherings, closures of bars, nightclubs and other entertainment facilities, in addition to a halt on construction.  A full list of limitations will be outlined in detail tonight (August 06, 2020) at 8:00pm.

This lockdown comes a day after Prime Minister Rt. Dean Barrow announced that Belize will be postponing the reopening of its International Airport. The reopening of the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) has been delayed with no official date set for its reopening.

Current Covid Situation

Belize was off to a great start as the government took swift and effective action to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The country went 53 days without reporting any new coronavirus case. However on June 05, its streak ended with cases being reported into August. As of yesterday August 05, 2020  Office of Director of Health Services identified 14 cases, making the results from August 05 the second highest number of cases after August 04 results which recorded 15 new cases. There are currently 53 active cases, with two persons 2 currently being hospitalised. It is expected that by the end of today, there will be 23 more cases confirmed.

The lockdown is to pave the way for efforts to overcome a possible outbreak via community spread. Belize, like many, are trying their best to confront and overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

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