These Belize Hotels Offer “Schoolcations” for Remote Learning Abroad

by Carolee Chanona
child laptop remote learning from paradise

Want to work from paradise (WFP) while your kids take a schoolcation? The new academic year is shaping up to be a buzzword-heavy global learning experience far from the schoolyard. Once upon a time, way back when—you know, around February—it was frowned upon to take your kids out of school and on vacation. What a difference a pandemic makes. Now dozens of hotels and resorts worldwide are vying for family business and offering all kinds of remote learning experiences to help parents with the interminable new homeschool life. Recognizing that you can Zoom with a teacher from anywhere—like in a beachside cabana in Belize—these Belize hotels have designed a schoolcation curriculum.

Or, not even at the same table as two adults try to accomplish their own jobs—hotels are dreaming up new ways for kids to learn remotely while on vacation. Some hotels have designed bespoke services to help with online learning; others have extended their usual onsite educational options; and many have commandeered conference rooms and tech support to offer backup.

Learn From Paradise Internationally with ‘The Coppola Curriculum’ – Belize Schoolcation

In Belize and Guatemala, the Family Coppola Hideaways group of resorts has launched the Coppola Curriculum, featuring three to four hours of cultural activities daily. This could mean bird counting, wood carving and tree planting. Not to mention, reading stories to local school kids, Creole classes, or even getting PADI certified. Belize airport is reopening on October 1, and both the brand’s Turtle Inn and Blancaneaux Lodge will reopen November 1.

While it may not replace rigorous in-person learning on a real curriculum, some of the hotel schooling programs could help fill in a few educational gaps left by COVID; or at least keep students engaged for a week or so while kept off campus. And many are designed to immerse kids of all ages in the culture of the destination, which could help instill good vacation habits for the whole family. You can work from home, but you can also wake up from a home that overlooks the Caribbean Sea. With a Belize schoolcation at a Coppola hideaway, you can!

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