Transport Yourself to Belize’s September Celebrations with these Photos

by Carolee Chanona

When COVID-19 raged across the globe mid-March, it didn’t just put a stop to beachside lazying in Belize. All non-essential travel was halted, which also halted the rich cultural experiences gifted by travel. In the Caribbean, carnival is a vibrant event that localsas well as those of Caribbean heritage across the globelook forward to celebrating annually. And in Belize, we’re approaching an Independence Day far that’s from traditional this year. Where some families might head out for an annual firework show, sandbar party, or even roadside Carnival march with friends, our “typical” plans are simply not possible in 2020. Nevertheless, we’re celebrating the entire month with these colorful photos!  We may not be able to partake in the flamboyant world of carnival this year, but we can keep our civic pride peaking until we can fete together again. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

photos © Maya Island Air

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