Which Belize Island Resort Should You Visit in 2022? 

by Larry Waight
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Belize is a beautiful tropical paradise located in Central America, but we’d say it’s no longer Mother Nature’s best-kept secret. The reason for its popularity is no secret – from the friendly, English-speaking people to the beautiful natural surroundings, there is much to recommend Belize to visitors. Celebrities such as Simone Biles, Francis Ford Coppola, and even Kanye West have popularized this nation in the Caribbean. Not to mention, scuba divers, sports fishermen, nature lovers, and archeologists have all discovered their dreams here. Yet the “old” Belize — the quiet, simple, laid-back essence — is just as easy to find in 2022, and we’re here to point you in the right direction: to an island. For those who want to experience Belize the way it should be experienced, then look no further than Ray Caye Island Resort off the coast of Placencia in Southern Belize. 

Meet The Caribbean, Before It Got Crowded

ray caye belize duarte dellarole water

The shores of Ray Caye, Belize. Image courtesy Duarte Dellarole

Amidst its pristine beaches bordered by vivid turquoise waters, you will experience the authentic Belizean experience the way it used to be. Although it’s 2022, you will feel that you have traveled back in time on this exotic, private, island resort in Belize. What makes this resort so special includes the mile of private shoreline, the unspoiled beauty of nature, and the attention to detail and hospitality of the staff. Because there are only a limited number of guests allowed, each visitor is pampered. If you’d like a secluded and romantic vacation, a private retreat, or an opportunity to deeply connect with people you care about, then this is the best island resort in Belize. 

The two honeymoon suites are particularly special. In addition to breathtaking views from private verandas, these accommodations have jacuzzi tubs in the bathrooms along with huge rainfall showers. With immersive views, visitors can look out over the ocean while cleaning off after a swim or enjoying a soak. A personal plunge pool and veranda decks made of sumptuous Belizean Cabbage Bark complete the luxurious experience. 

The rooms in all of the accommodations are light, airy, and offer exquisite views. 


Infinity pools blend into the Caribbean Sea at Ray Caye Island Resort, Belize. Image courtesy Duarte Dellarole

Island amenities include a fully equipped dive shop, a spa that provides the ultimate in pampering, a state-of-the-art fitness center with a yoga studio, a pelagic store, and a gift shop. There is also fine dining offered at the Lionfish Bar and Grill. With a highly rated professional chef and the natural bounty of the country, fresh seasonal dishes are lovingly prepared and offered. The bar is also bountifully provisioned. 

Many visitors to Ray Caye choose to stay on the island for the duration of their visit given how beautiful and tranquil it is here, and the variety of recreational options available. You can snorkel off the pier by day or night, for example, or take a paddleboard, kayak, or catamaran around the island. Swimming or volleyball provide fun family options. You can even try a salt-water slide or a scuba scooter. 

sail Ray Caye girl

Photo courtesy Ray Caye

If you crave more adventure, though, there are a variety of tours and packages to satisfy all interests. There are diving, deep-sea fishing, and snorkeling tours provided, as well as a special package that combines private time on Ray Caye with a Maya adventure at The Lodge at Chaa Creek. As you can see, Ray Caye Island Resort offers everything you could desire in an exotic island getaway! 

Island Safety — Prioritized

Of course, with a pandemic going on, it’s important to prioritize the safety of both guests and staff at the resort. For this reason, Ray Caye Island Resort is proud to be part of the Belize Tourism Board’s “Tourism Gold Standard” 9-point program. It sets the standard for quality care and optimal health and safety standards. 

Ray Caye’s Paper Straws

To deal with the dangers of COVID-19, Ray Caye has increased the frequency with which all facilities are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with hospital-grade products. Resort employees take their temperature each day and wear face masks while on duty. Not to mention, hand sanitizer is featured throughout the property. 

A view unlike anywhere else at Ray Caye Island Resort.

Guest rooms are deep cleaned both before and after each visitor. 

And in the rare instance that management is alerted of a case of COVID-19, public health officials will become involved to make sure guests and employees are kept safe. To further protect visitors, travel insurance is recommended. 

Ray Caye Island Resort takes the safety of its guests visiting Belize very seriously, even in 2022. They show them the same meticulous attention to ensuring visitors have the best possible experience. Guests are allowed to rent the entire island if they desire. Or, they can simply take up one or more of the luxurious villas or suites. Each one provides a view of the Belizean Barrier Reef and provides not just comfort, but also privacy. 

All images courtesy of Ray Caye Island Resort.

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