Why Your Next Retreat Should Be Belize

by Larry Waight
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Once travel restrictions lift, you’ll be ready to shake off your cabin fever and do some traveling. You’ll also be ready to indulge yourself after weeks of being cooped up and stressed out. Here are some reasons to choose Belize as your first destination retreat.   

Renew Yourself in a Natural Setting 

Beach relax Sgt caye

Sergeant’s Caye

Belize has warm weather, gorgeous beaches, friendly beach bars and stunning natural beauty. With its small population and protected natural areas, Belize is the ideal place to ease yourself back into travel. It’s a short flight and getting here takes less than two hours from most US airports. 

Make It Easy on Yourself

English is the official language, and the currency couldn’t be easier to figure out. Belize uses Belizean dollars, and the exchange is always $1 US to $2 BZ. Belize is a laid-back country where you’ll never feel rushed or pressured. It’s a warm, welcoming place to retreat – you’ll immediately feel at ease in Belize.   

Soothe Your Senses 

butterfly exhibit at Chaa Creek

Photo courtesy Chaa Creek

Belize has dozens of places where you can retreat to indulge in your love of nature. All will renew your spirit and your senses. Take a chocolate making class to witness the process from cacao bean to chocolate bar, either on-site with Copal Tree Lodge, or through a Tour Operator, like Splash Dive Centre. Get your fill of natural beauty at a butterfly farm, where you can see dozens of butterfly species including the rare and stunning Blue Morpho. If you’ve never seen a Malachite, Mexican Blue or Tiger Longwing butterfly up close, here is your chance to experience their beauty. 

Calm Your Body With Spa Treatments 

Belize might seem rugged, but you can find top-quality, luxuriously appointed salons and spas here. Many resorts and hotels have in-house spas. With its closeness to the sea, it’s only natural that you can find sea-inspired treatments that are indulgent and pampering. Spas, like Turtle Inn’s Sunset Spa, offer specialty facials and a refreshing full-body sea salt body glow. Choose from a menu of Thai massages, coconut hair rinse, oriental foot massages and facials.   

Get Close to Nature 


 The enduring beauty of nature reminds us to slow down and appreciate life. In Belize, you’ll always be close to exotic flora and fauna. Visit the scarlet macaws at Red Bank Village, the baby iguanas at the Green Iguana Conservation Project or the possible jaguar at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Visit the Belize Barrier Reef to see colorful sea life. Dive into the cool blue waters of the Caribbean. 
When you’re ready to feel refreshed, a retreat to Belize will be what you need. 

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