Resort Rooms with a View

by Vivian Roe

One of the most magical things about traveling is the chance to take in the stunning scenery that you cannot see from your own window at home. If you want to really savor that experience longer, stay in a hotel that offers spectacular views right from your room. How about Belize? While we are limited to armchair travel at the moment, let us inspire you with a view from a different window. So many hotels around Belize look out onto breathtaking scenes. Whether it’s serene waves or a twinkling night sky, treetops, or mountain views – Belize boasts some of the most incredible backdrops. The ones from these hotel rooms though are views that will last a lifetime. 

Blancaneaux Lodge


Photos Courtesy: The Family Coppola Hideaways

Blancaneaux Lodge’s luxury cabañas offer a secluded setting overlooking Privassion Creek. They feature their own private plunge pools, king-size beds, Guatemalan décor, and a second shower outdoors.

Grand Caribe Resort 

Photo Courtesy: ROEming Belize

These oceanfront luxurious condos on Ambergris Caye overlook the resort pool and offer 360 panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea.

Copal Tree Lodge 

Photo Courtesy: Copal Tree Lodge

Even the bathrooms views from this eco-luxury lodge are ones that you will want to just look at forever. 

Turtle Inn

Turtle Inn Belize

Think luxury and unspoiled beautiful views of the coast of Belize from these rooms at Turtle Inn.

Victoria House

Photo Courtesy Victoria House

Victoria House’s Infinity Suites are luxury villas featuring spacious living areas and a fully-equipped kitchen, and three verandahs to enjoy views from on Ambergris Caye.

Gaia Riverlodge

Photo Courtesy Gaia Riverlodge

The rooms in this sustainable lodge in the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve offer both the breathtaking views and soothing sounds of the Five Sisters Waterfalls.

So, which view will you choose to retreat and rest your head?

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