Belizean Women in Lead: Meet Dasha Shivers of Ray Caye Island Resort

In this series of Belizean Women in Lead, we sit down with Dasha Shivers from Ray Caye Island Resort. As Managing Director, Dasha oversees all the day-to-day operations, making this one of the most buzzworthy private island resorts in Belize.

Our Interview with Dasha

dasha Ray Caye grand reopening belize women

Ray Caye Island Resort relaunched with a grand reopening in February 2020, previously known as Hatchet Caye.

belize dasha hatchet caye ray

Dasha on her first year on the island—then Hatchet Caye— in 2011.

Did you always want to work in hospitality and tourism? How did you get to where you are today?

The vast majority of my time as a working woman has been in the hospitality and tourism industry, which has been for over 20 years now!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Meeting new people, of course. Not to mention, shaping the way Belize is seen from the visitor’s perspective while showcasing the talented and warm-natured charisma of our shared Belizean and Caribbean culture through our staff family. 

What do you find to be the most challenging part of a woman in your industry?

Too often, a woman in tourism is not taken seriously and thus, must be much more firm than they might like to be. By asserting your strength and capabilities, you make your own space.

How do you choose to challenge this?

Personally, I remain steadfast in my decisions; there’s no space for second guessing – trust your work ethic and embody a ‘walk the walk’ attitude as a leader. I choose to lead by example and have never been afraid of hard work. When you work hard, you gain the respect of others. 

What advice would you share with women who are at the start of their careers and aspire to reach a senior position?

Speak with confidence. Own your choices — even if things go wrong, always stand by your decisions and take ownership of the outcome. In hospitality, it helps to build long lasting relationships with vendors, contract workers and employees. Because without loyalty on both sides, it is hard for a business to flourish.

And finally, tell us how you manage to achieve a work/life balance? What do you do for fun/ to relax?

Thankfully, I truly love my work and what I do — I give my all each and every day. There’s a quote by Alan Cohen that really resonates with me,“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” With that being said, I love to spend my days off with family and friends. Whenever I get the chance to, I support and enjoy my local community too. And yoga everyday!

More About Dasha & Ray Caye Island Resort 

dasha team Ray Caye island resort

The warm and friendly team at Ray Caye Island Resort at the resort’s reopening in February 2020.

This private island resort invites you to imagine the Caribbean before it got crowded. Located on the edge of the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve in Belize, Ray Caye is literally a stone throw away from the Belize Barrier Reef. And with nearly a mile of private shoreline and a limited number of guests at any time, it is easy to play, explore and relax in the Belize island lifestyle any way you want. Dasha and her friendly yet professional team are on hand to ensure exactly that.

About CC+L’s Belizean Women in Lead Series

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