Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle Celebrates International Women’s Day with ‘Belizean Women in Lead’ Series

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day, marked annually on March 8th, is recognized worldwide. Groups come together to celebrate women’s achievements, as well as continue to rally for women’s equality.

Celebrating ‘Choose To Challenge‘ As The 2021 Theme


A challenged world is an alert world. And from challenge, comes change. So let’s all #ChooseToChallenge. International Women’s Day

As a female-founded and operated publication, Caribbean Culture & Lifestyle proudly celebrates International Women’s Day. Furthermore, we aim to champion and stand up to the challenges faced by women today, specifically within Belize and the travel and hospitality industry.

Hence this year, we present our very own “Belizean Women in Lead” series.

Throughout the month of March, we’ll be featuring a few of the industry’s innovative and successful female leaders in the Belizean hospitality and travel industry. We’ll chat to them about their career path, including their passions and challenges faced on their journey. In addition, we’ll share their best tips, tricks and advice to other women in the industry.

Today, women in both business and hospitality, bring with them a great range of perspective and expertise. They’re fearless in voicing their opinions and have been instrumental in contributing to the success of the Belizean economy. Their presence is much more profound than ever and we want to continue to celebrate and share this. Tanya Mcnab, Founder & Creative Director at Caribbean Culture & Lifestyle

We ask you to join us in celebrating the women around us this month and look forward to sharing this series with you. Finally, we encourage you to share any inspirational stories of those women making a change in our community with us!

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