The Benefit of Belize Real Estate’s Virtual Showings during COVID-19

by Carolee Chanona

If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic has forged innovative techniques while remaining safely socially distanced. Now, more than ever before, these technological advancements are essential to the real estate experience—and none more so than virtual showings. But what does that mean for those actively seeking to sell or buy real estate in Belize? Thanks to virtual viewings, the real estate industry is more accessible than ever before, regardless of whether you’re physically in Belize or not. Virtual showings are nothing new to the real estate world, but due to COVID-19, more Realtors and brokers are adopting it, including Vista Real Estate. Not to mention, there’s more than a handful of benefits to tag along with virtual viewings during COVID-19 real estate in Belize.

House Hunting in a Pandemic: Virtual Open Houses

belmopan home belize vista real estate virtual

Own a home in Belmopan. Property photo courtesy Vista Real Estate

It wasn’t long ago when the only way to tour a house would be to visit in person. But here’s the good news: The rules on how to tour a house have changed in ways that can save time, lower your exposure to COVID-19, and even curb your stress levels, too. Ace your house-hunting game for the modern day with Virtual Showings, where agents are ready to live a one-on-one viewings on your choice of platform, whether WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or other app.

Hybrid models are a great tool for the agents because it also benefits sellers as well by giving maximum exposure to the property.

Donning a face mask, protective shoe coverings, and adhering to a no-handshake policy, a virtual viewing means you’re one step closer to making your move.

“Should I schedule a virtual tour or visit in person?”

virtual real estate viewing FaceTime

Photo via Toa Heftiba/Unsplash

So should you opt for a virtual tour, or go for the real thing? According to many real estate experts, a virtual tour is the faster, easier, and safest place to start. While buying a home “sight unseen” as they say is a risky move few are willing to take, virtual tours are still a great way to whittle down your options and spend less time running around town. All in all, virtual tours can help you narrow your options. Thereafter, you can revisit the top contender(s) in-person for a closer look and authentic feel. Schedule a virtual showing, in-person showing for any of Vista Real Estate’s listings, and find your space today.

Header photo courtesy Vista Real Estate.

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