The Best Ice Cream Parlors in Belize to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth 

by Gisselle Hernandez

For many of us, summers as a kid paint a picture of local swimming holes, grass-stained jeans and melting ice cream cones. While we may have left the others behind, the latter holds steadfastly to our craving sweet tooth as the peak of summer dawns upon us. Ice cream has no age limit, so we encourage you to hit up these popular parlors when road tripping through Belize.

Frozen, Orange Walk.


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Starting in the north, we have Orange Walk Town’s Frozen situated right on Main Street. A fairly new-ish establishment, this ice cream shop offers waffle cones threatening to give under generous scoops. While the flavors they offer are rich in texture and taste, Frozen is king when it comes to milkshakes. Not to mention, their cute parlor is draped in a blue aesthetic, staying true to that “frozen” vibe. If you’re heading to Northern Belize, maybe for Lamanai, stop by this little ice cream parlor for some dessert after those famous tacos. 

The Ice Cream Shoppe, Belize City.

Previously known as Scoops founded in 1984, The Ice Cream Shoppe is considered locals’ favorite. Their charismatic online presence and out-of-the-box flavors keep their shop on Eve St. quite busy. From collaborating with local coffee brands to promoting Autism Awareness month, the Ice Cream Shoppe is closer to being a pillar in the community than just a parlor. All ice creamed out? Try their ice cream cookie sandwich, a slice of decadent cake, or a donut! 

Tutti Frutti, Placencia.

Technically a gelateria, Tutti Frutti in Placencia is one of the most talked-about highlights of travelers’ trips. Each flavor is made fresh daily by the owner, who happens to be from Italy. An unassuming storefront housed in a Victorian-looking building, the air-conditioned gelateria is a welcomed relief from Placencia’s tropical heat. Most customers are repeat patrons, or travelers who end up converting to repeat patrons (as much as they can before they leave.) After walking back from the town’s well-known pier and window-shopping at artisan gift shops, take a break inside this warm and comforting gelateria and sample a rare Provence lavender or chocolate mint.  

The Country Barn, Hummingbird Highway.

The world-renowned Hummingbird Highway should be experienced for myriad reasons, and we’ll be darned if ice cream isn’t one of the major ones. This quaint dairy farm is located near the city of Belmopan, but has been described as a “cute stop in the middle of nowhere.” A kismet pit stops just outside of Belmopan on your way to Southern Belize, their homemade ice cream tastes just like how it is made: fresh. They also offer flavored homemade yogurt and milk, so feel free to grab a pint for your coffee later! 

Western Dairies.


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Carving themselves as the face of ice cream in Belize, Western Dairies is the go-to when wanting to be tried and true rich flavors that never disappoint. Headquartered in the Mennonite community of Spanish Lookout, Western Dairies has multiple locations countrywide. Founded 50 years ago for milk manufacturing, the Western Dairies shops have evolved into offering a plethora of menu options in addition to sweet desserts. So while you may take your children to get a double-scooped Oreo cookie, you can add pizza, mozzarella sticks, and other delicious snacks to your order.

The header image shows fresh gelato at Tutti Frutti in Placencia; image courtesy Belize Tourism Board (BTB).

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