Belize should be on your Caribbean Bucket List

by McNab Editorial Team
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Lockdown has provided all of us with a chance to make our travel bucket list once life can return to a new normal. Indeed, including travel and freely moving around again.  It has become obvious that some places have managed to contain the virus better than others, making them prime locations for vacations post-COVID.

The Caribbean, on a whole, has had a lower number of cases in comparison to other major vacation destinations around the world. And in some cases, Caribbean nations have had the lowest cases worldwide.  For Example, Belize has recorded a total of 18 cases to date, with 2 unfortunate deaths. The Government of Belize remains vigilant against COVID-19, reassuring that our airports will only reopen once safe; this is to protect the health of both citizens and visitors. While a final reopen date has not been set, Belize is expected to announce a phased reopening plan soon.

The Caribbean Bucket List

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In an article published by News Americas Now, there are 10 Caribbean Countries that should be on your bucket list. Naturally, Belize is one of them. We can’t blame them; Belize has been Covid-Free for over 50 days now. Not to mention, Belize is considered to be a destination naturally resistant due to a low population density.

Belize is best known for the magnificent 124m deep Great Blue Hole — a jaw-dropping attraction you shouldn’t skip. Belize indicated that July 1 is a tentative target date on reopening the Philip Goldson International airport (BZE) and allowing travel to Belize.”


Read the full article and Caribbean Bucket List here. If you’re not a dive enthusiast, no need to worry. Belize offers a wide range of tourism offerings both inland and on the islands, and welcomes guests of all adventure levels.

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