A Jungle Pontoon Waterfall Adventure: The Must Do Tour in Western Belize!  

by Larry Waight
jungle pontoon cayo waterfall adventure

Belize is famous for many things: beautiful cayes, the Belize Barrier Reef, lush rainforests, and ancient Maya structures. There are all noted tourist attractions. What visitors often don’t realize is that Belize also has some of the tallest and most pristine waterfalls in Central AmericaThe Cayo District in particular has some magnificent ones, such as the Thousand Foot Falls which plunges more than 1,600 feet in a tremendous cascade. However, there are also more peaceful cataracts in the jungle. One of the best ways to see the magnificent waterfalls and experience Belize’s pristine nature is via a pontoon boat.

Embark On A Different Waterfall Adventure

Plunge pools at their feet invite visitors to take a dip, surrounded by butterflies that gather in colorful clouds. While swimming here, a traveler might also see exotic birds and playful monkeys. Your expedition will typically start in the town of San Ignacio in the Cayo District. You’ll relax in comfort as you drive past farmland and orange groves before arriving at your boarding point. The pontoon will travel far into the interior of the Belizean rainforests. You’ll enjoy a stunning view of the Maya Mountains. Be sure to keep your eyes open to spy on wildlife. You might hear howler monkeys and see elusive jungle creatures. This is a unique opportunity to be part of nature without interfering with it.

Tours will typically take you to more than one waterfall, and you’ll have the option to get out and climb the falls or simply relax on the boat and enjoy the scenery. You can also swim, if you want, or ask to float on an inner tube behind the boat while traveling. Water, soda, and other refreshments are provided for the duration of the tour. Lunch will typically be served on the boat, as well. You may get fresh BBQ or traditional Belizean fare. You’ll have a chance to relax and eat in serene surroundings before continuing your journey.

Visitors are advised to bring a bathing suit and change of clothes as well as water shoes, bug spray, a hat, and, of course, a camera to take pictures of the dazzling sights you’ll see. Your tour guide on the pontoon boat will be knowledgeable too about the indigenous flora and fauna. You’ll get a bit of an education as well as enjoy some adventure, if you like, and have a relaxing time surrounded by natural beauty. Many visitors to Belize who have enjoyed the pontoon boat tour of the waterfalls in the Cayo district describe it as the best experience they had on their trip. 

Header photo via Belizing

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