Caribbean Lifestyle Reaches 2 Million Unique Reader Milestone in September 2021

by Carolee Chanona

Since January 2018, Caribbean Lifestyle: Belize has offered travel inspiration across the world through immersive, transportive experiences across many channels. And as of September 22, the brand has officially reached one million users for 2021. Our dedicated readers rely on the brand as a window into the best of Belize—and by extension, the wider Caribbean—for her destinations, cultures, and authentic experiences, and we look forward to continuing that mission together.

Casa Al Mar guests enjoy the sandbars of Belize. Image courtesy Casa Al Mar.

Matching our passion and purpose to explore with eyes wide open, we believe that travel is an opportunity to invest in the wider world. And with just yesterday marking World Tourism Day, we acknowledge the foundation laid to expand our footprint beyond our core within the Caribbean leisure travel industry; this milestone is the reassurance that we’re on the right path forward.

Who our audience is

Image courtesy @saskia_rabbit

After hitting our first one million unique users in December 2020, Caribbean Lifestyle: Belize saw its second million users in just 9 months, from January 2021 to September 2021. Averaging over 110,000 visitors monthly, our average readership reflects a primarily North American audience. In the last 30 days, demographics reflected the following:

  • The United States represented 81%
  • Belize accounted for 13% of visitors
  • Canada represented 2% and
  • Other countries combined account for the remaining 4% which include the United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, Guatemala, and more.

Top 10 states visiting our site in the USA in the past 30 days, respectfully: Georgia, New Jersey, California, New York, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Oregon, Washington. These are all important travel markets for Belize.

Our organic reach


With 54% of our traffic from organic Google search alone in the last 30 days, it’s a direct reflection that the content on our site is what people are searching for. Not to mention, organic traffic is the most valuable form of traffic; we aren’t sending ads or forcing non-organic content in their feeds. Being a certified publishing partner for Google ensures consistent, organic traffic.

What’s coming up

coming soon gold book nov2021

You can expect to see more of everything from us. If you’re an advertiser, that’ll mean increased referrals and editorial mentions about your business, along with more visibility options on social media and our newest platform on Belize Real Estate. Later this year, we’ll be launching our 2nd Edition of the Belize Gold Book. Featuring travel industry guidance and safety protocols alongside a comprehensive travel destination guide, sales are now open!

To our clients, thank you! We continue to fire ahead and to ensure that we are doing the best we can to represent your businesses.

At CCL, we count each milestone as a step in the right direction and are proud to share the very best of Belize with you—every day—at

Join the brand and get in touch at [email protected].

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