This Boutique Resort in Placencia Belize Is Excellent For A Socially Distant Vacation  

by Larry Waight

Sometimes social distancing can do a lot of good even if the circumstances don’t necessitate it. Because while it’s easy to find a tropical resort that’s packed to the gills with things to do and people willing to serve on your hand and foot, it can be a lot harder to find a piece of paradise that’s more laid back. Chabil Mar Villas understands the therapy that comes from some social distancing, and they can offer you your perfect vacation whether you’re looking to vacation while still respecting Covid-19 protocol or simply looking for an excuse to get away from the chaos of everyday life.

Placencia: Beaches As Far As the Eye Can See

The ‘point’ in Placencia Village, Belize. Image courtesy Muy’Ono Resorts/Dylan Hetelle

Placencia has the feeling of a Caribbean island despite the fact that it’s firmly rooted in Belize — and that’s thanks to the fact that this 16-mile long peninsula is also only half a mile wide. Beachfront property is available in abundance, and it’s perfectly positioned for exploring both the Belize Barrier Reef and the beautiful network of jungles, caves, and rivers that make up the country’s interior. Chabil Mar Resort offers an isolated beach retreat, but you can reach the heart of the town by just walking a half-mile up the beach. 

The Villas: Luxury Living for Discerning Guests 

Image Courtesy: Chabil Mar

The village is just a short walk away, but you’ll be just fine even if you decide to cut off human contact and simply enjoy the isolation of your villa. Each of the villas is unique, and they offer everything from doors that open out onto the beach to villas that are positioned among the resort’s verdant gardens. And no matter what villa you choose, you’ll have a personal veranda for intimate conversations with guests or meditative time to simply soak in the scenery. Collaborative Designs of Belize have pulled out all the stops to create rooms that are cozy and spacious while still showing off the unique aesthetics of Belizean life.

Packages For Any Situation

Belize is a relatively small country, but it packs in a huge amount of biodiversity. Over 400 islands and the second largest barrier reef in the world sit off the coast, and the interior is home to ancient Maya cities, the world’s very first jaguar preserve, and incredible bird watching along the Macal River. Whatever your vision for a vacation is, there’s a good chance there’s a package to match. Chabil Mar works closely with local tour companies to ensure that you’re having the best and most authentic experiences possible. Fishing, snorkeling, and inland adventures are all available — but you’ll also find inclusive packages that offer the serenity of life within the resort and packages focused on families and couples.  

A Place to Let Your Love Shine 

Image Courtesy: Chabil Mar

Couple packages are incredibly popular, as Chabil Mar is perfect for sealing your love or celebrating after tying the knot. The staff at Chabil Mar are professionals who do this regularly, and they can help put together a Belize vacation package that gives you what you want without having to stretch your patience or your wallet further than you’re comfortable. There are even a selection of specialized packages built with honeymooners in mind. The staff understands how special events like these are, and they’ll do everything they can to make your experience as magical as possible. 

Staff That Puts You First 

In fact, Chabil Mar Villas wants to ensure that everyone remembers their experience in Belize as magical. The local staff understands the ins and outs of the tourism industry, and they also know Placencia like the back of their hands. Whatever you want, they can come to your aid — and Chabil Mar’s unique roaming butler and al fresco dining experience means that you can get the service you need while still getting the privacy and social distancing that you deserve. There’s even a private pier for lounging, dining, and enjoying the surf. 

Cuisine That’s Playfully Caribbean

chabil mar grilled lobster belize

A lunch of local lobster

The bounties of the Caribbean Sea are plentiful, and Chabil Mar head chef Daniel utilizes the freshest ingredients to present meals that are authentic to the Belizean culinary experience while willing to experiment with the latest in global and fusion trends. The entirety of Chabil Mar Resort can be your dining room, and you definitely deserve to enjoy a meal both out on your private veranda and in a silent stretch of beach where there’s no one else. In many cases, dinner is served with fish caught fresh from the waters. 

Safety Comes Guaranteed 

Belize has been applauded for its approach to safety and sanitation regulations in the wake of COVID-19, and Chabil Mar ranks among the most conscientious resorts in Placencia and Belize as a whole. No matter how you decide to spend your vacation, you can rest assured knowing your safety will be a top priority. 


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