Caribbean Lifestyle: Belize becomes a verified Google News Source

by Carolee Chanona

Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle is now a Google News source!

As an informative and up-to-date digital platform sharing the very best in travel news for the Caribbean, we’re happy to announce that Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle is now a verified Google News source! With the world moving at a fast pace, and with publications traditionally static, Caribbean Lifestyle blends print and digital with multimedia platforms. Including online material such as videos, blogs, and social media posts to stimulate traveler interest. More than just a publication, CC+L is a brand that aims to connect with travelers on a journey where adventures are endless. Click Here to start following us or add us to your Google News Stack.

June 2020 will mark one-year since we started to prepare to enter the Google News Source network. In October 2019, we officially applied and at that time we only had about 25K viewers.  Today, the CC+L team has brought our traffic up to over 100K visitors each month, and Google is helping us get our content out even faster with a higher search rank. It was definitely a challenge, but an even bigger reward, to have been accepted. The approval was also timely as we fire ahead to publish the first Belize Gold Book.

– Tanya McNab, Creative Director

Advertising with CC+L: The Belize Gold Book & more

Caribbean Lifestyle: Belize is the ultimate guide for Belize offering the latest travel news. In 2019, we set out to restructure our business model and partnered with the developers of Breaking News Belize to expand our marketing tools online. The new and improved offers many new advertising options that we weren’t able to provide with print alone. In order to create a balance between reading and advertising opportunities, in addition to the new website, we will be publishing a once-a-year “Best of The Best” Caribbean Lifestyle Gold Book. Essentially, the Belize Gold Book will be designed to highlight our clients at the highest level, in both print and online. Notably, our online readership continues to grow, with:

  • Over 100,000 monthly readers online
  • Over 90+ articles published per month
  • A combined social following of 13,000+ 
  • 68% of our audience residing in Canada, USA, and the UK 
  • 84% of our traffic coming from organic reach 

This new subscription-based advertising model means lower monthly payments instead of large one-time ad fees. See the advertising placement chart below, and make the most out of your advertising dollars with CC+L. The best part? Both online and print are included in this package.

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