Ambergris Caye ranked 4th Best Island in Central America by Condé Nast

by Carolee Chanona
Ambergris Caye via Getty

Condé Nast Traveler readers ranked the 35 best islands in the world outside the U.S. in the 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards survey, from the Caribbean to Fiji to the Mediterranean. This year, they’ve been broken down by region, and Belize’s very own Ambergris Caye takes No. 4 for the Best Islands in Central America! Here’s more on what makes Ambergris Caye special.

Ambergris Caye belize move island

Ambergris Caye. Photo by Laminar Media

Many actually believe that Ambergris Caye, known as “La Isla Bonita,” was nicknamed by Madonna herself in the 1986 song by the same name! Whether it actually was or not, it certainly lives up to the title. Measuring about 25 miles in length, its a Caribbean in nature despite Belize’s Central American geography, while being vibrant as resorts line off its streets of San Pedro Town, all the way into its less populated northern coast. The standard modes of transport are skiffs, as the majority of residents are tourism-reliant, and open-air golf carts. The former is most convenient, considering the Belize Barrier Reef’s waves are within eyesight from your lounge chair on the beach, making quick trips to snorkel or dive easy.

Header photo of Ambergris Caye via Getty Images.

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