Looking to Rejuvenate? Placencia’s Beaches in Southern Belize Are Perfect

by Larry Waight

 In Belize, the Placencia peninsula is where you can find the longest coastline of beaches in the entire country. However, these perfect sands are ideal for traveling without the need for shoes and sprawl far enough to bring you in contact with three different communities. Whether you feel like visiting Maya Beach, Seine Bight, or Placencia, all three beaches are open (and free) to the public. If you are feeling adventurous, rent or buy a bike and visit all three in a single day. While the entire Placencia peninsula is considered a tourist attraction, the place is still a tad more relaxed than a major city or town. Although you do not have to look far to see travelers, expats, and hard-working locals working as fishermen, musicians, and tour guides, you can also find just as many people relaxing and playing on the sands or in the surf.

Placencia Village

breakfast belize the placencia resort

Breakfast with a view on the beach at The Placencia, a Muy’Ono Resort.

The tourist strip of this southern area is loaded with several bars and eateries to fill your belly and re-hydrate from taking in the scenery. Notably, Placencia Village’s sands are a golden yellow, making it slightly different from the sugary-white stuff that makes up Seine Bight and Maya Beach. This is also a great spot due to the wide variety of quality dishes, hotels, and nightlife.

Where to stay: Brisa Oceano, a Muy’Ono Resort

Where to eat: Tipsy Tuna Seaside & Sports Bar

Seine Bight Village

This predominantly Garifuna village is less populous due to the presence of high-class resorts in its vicinity. Not to mention, its noteworthy closeness to the Belize Barrier Reef also gives it a squat but pleasant surf. The waters are always clean and clear here with the trade winds offering a cooling breeze. Considering how sparse this area is, you have a good chance at taking the perfect photo of a Belizean sunset on a deserted stretch of sugar-white beaches. Seine Bight is also excellent for personal enrichment by learning the Garifuna culture.

Where to stay: Itz’ana Resort & Residencies

Where to eat: Inky’s Restaurant, Bar & Mini Golf

Maya Beach

placencia belize beaches umaya

Umaya Resort. Photo by Duarte Dellarole

This northern portion of the beach is a relatively unsettled swath of white sands. Only a few small hotels dot this part of the country, offering plenty of undisturbed views of the Caribbean. Nonetheless, many who come to Belize leave it as a somehow changed person. Some develop an appreciation for taking it slow, others crave her nightlife and some even decide to stay. Regardless of whether you visit Maya Beach, Seine Bight, or Placencia Village, you are bound to experience a similar metamorphosis. In the meantime, Placencia’s beaches in Belize await. 

Where to stay: Umaya Resort & Adventures

Where to eat: Maya Beach Hotel Bistro

Header photo of the beach side Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar in Placencia Village, Belize.

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