Delta Installs Hand Sanitizer Stations Onboard – A first for U.S airlines

by McNab Editorial Team

Travel is slowly gaining momentum and airlines are doing their very best to implement COVID-19 safety measures.  As airlines looks for new way to promote cleanliness and ensure safety for passengers, Delta takes even greater initiatives to ensure a safe environment for travelers.  It has now installed hand sanitizer station onboard – making it the first U.S. airline to install such station.  As of Friday, August 28, passengers can find hand sanitizers near the boarding doors and bathrooms. PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer is being used with up to 5 stations found onboard depending on the size of the aircraft.

Customers can travel with confidence as Delta continues to put in place various protection protocols. Electrostatic spraying will also be done to ensure lavatory cleanliness. In addition, other hands-free features are being put in place to reduce cross-contamination. Starting with certain flights, such as their Boeing A350s, A330-900s, 767-400s and 757-200s, passengers can find touch-less faucets, flush levers and waste lids inside these aircrafts.

Delta’s work is not going unnoticed.

 “Over the past few months, our customer satisfaction scores have skyrocketed by double digits, including those for onboard lavatory cleanliness, said Delta’s Chief Customer Experience Officer Bill Lentsch. “But that’s not stopping us from going even further to make sure customers feel safe and comfortable when they travel with Delta.”

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Delta Air Lines returns to the Caribbean 

Delta cautioned that it would be operating about 25 percent of its schedule compared to the same period last year. Although, that was a major increase to a less-than 10 percent during April and May. Its relaunch in the Caribbean comes with a host of new health and safety protocols by Delta; from capped cabin seating, blocked middle seats through Sept. 30 and new measures to sanitize the aircraft.

While Belize International Airport expected to reopen on October 1, 2020, Delta Air Lines is expected to return November 22.
Feature Image Courtesy: Delta

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