Planning a Wedding? You’ll Rethink Plans Once You Discover This Belize Resort  

by Larry Waight

It’s wedding season, especially now that COVID restrictions practically entirely wane and couples who held out for an opportune date are finding themselves able to afford a more exotic affair due to revenue gains resulting from sequestration. You could hold all the festivities in your area, where inflationary prices are driving prices so high, everything feels like it costs twice as much—or you and your guests can fly to Belize now that airline prices are finally dropping, too! Why Belize? For starters, as fall approaches, the weather in Central America is close to idyllic (occasional showers help jungles, forests, and resort greenery thrive), everyone speaks English and the plane ride is so short, that you won’t have time to write thank you notes before you touch land. It’s here at the Belize International Airport where staffers at the lush Itz’ana Resort & Residences are happy to welcome you, where the festivities start immediately before even arriving at the resort.

The wedding of your dream

Itz’ana Resort & Residences staffers are no strangers to creative wedding planning, which is one of the reasons North American couples flock south to find everything they need within a single, affordable package. Find in the resort’s wedding planners the ultimate in help–whether you have already done your homework and unearthed the legal nuances of a Belize marriage or you’re a newbie and have yet to get started.

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Customize your event by choosing from a choice of onsite locations–the private dining room, yoga deck, pool deck, or beach. You’ll be offered every service imaginable, from housing for guests to a splashy reception or simply a wedding cake, flowers, and perhaps an officiate. Couples love the fact that the staffers they begin to work with even before they leave home aren’t pushy! If you’ve set a budget, they will do everything to help you stick to it.

You can also come down for your bachelor’s or bachelorette party

Axios Lifestyle journalist Jennifer Kingson just wrote, “there’s an escalating arms race in bachelor and bachelorette parties, with brides and grooms throwing ever-more-elaborate blowouts.” In fact, destination pre-wedding bashes are so popular right now, that couples don’t mind spending on Caribbean escapes after doing the math and realizing Belize flights and festivity trappings can cost less than staying at home.

Kingson calls this destination pre-wedding party trend “post-pandemic wanderlust.” Couples are planning small weddings back home (or in Vegas) in order to underwrite all-out bacchanals in the Caribbean for celebratory escapes. We’re letting you in on this trend so you realize that even if you don’t decide on a destination wedding, you can enjoy a pre-nuptial party at Itz’ana Resort & Residences where no guest is hesitant to let their hair down because moms and dads aren’t likely to be around!

Staffers at Itz’ana Resort & Residences are getting used to hosting these parties and recommending all-inclusive packages so every guest saves money. In addition to the one brides and grooms prefer, special interest packages are ideal for guests who are looking for any excuse to take a Belize adventure!

Why consider a package? Because you can’t beat the value

Photo by Sammy Cifuentes Fotografía

In addition to arrangements associated with your wedding, packages can save money because they include accommodations, gourmet dining, taxes, incidentals, and transit to and from the resort on arrival and departure days. Tours associated with every package are loaded with surprises. Scroll down this website page to get a taste of the variety you and your guests can expect during a sojourn where customized itineraries give everyone chances to do what they love.

Because this small resort is committed to the pleasure and satisfaction of all couples, you’re going to have to get used to being waited on day and night so warn anyone invited to your grand tropical celebration not to make a request they don’t want to be met immediately. And if you’re not looking to stage your wedding until 2023, here’s the best wedding gift any couple could ask for: These specials could be game changers if your timing and availability coincide.

This is a marriage made in heaven: You and Itz’ana Resort & Residences are perfect for each other. If the stars align, why not plan two trips: One for a bachelor bash and another for the big day? It’s being done. We can attest to it, and we’d be delighted to customize your love affair by adding you to our list of happily-ever-afters!

Header image via Sammy Cifuentes Fotografía. All images via Itz’ana Belize.

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