Do You Need To Wear A Face Mask On A Golf Cart in Belize?

by Carolee Chanona

As of May 19, wearing a face mask on golf carts is optional thanks to Statutory Instrument No.54. However, face coverings are required across Belize’s public spaces. While Belize’s close proximity to North America makes it a poised destination to visit as travel reopens, the country continues to enforce measures against the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, Belize continues to slowly near its COVID-19 vaccine goal alongside 5 new infections on average each day; as such, face masks must still be part of daily life. As of May 18, approximately 54,909 persons have been vaccinated in Belize.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated on May 19 with the latest regulations. 

Belize’s National Mask Mandate

Face masks are required for public transport on boats. Image courtesy Splash Dive DMC

Please note that the laws of Belize mandate that persons over the age of six (6) years old are required to wear a face mask in public, and can be denied service/entry without one.

Health and Safety_ Itz'ana Staff belize face mask

Health and safety remains paramount in Belize. Image courtesy Itz’ana Resort & Residencies.

For those looking to spend future holiday time in Belize for fresh air and sunshine, be sure to pack a face mask alongside your flip-flops. After all, ensuring safe, responsible behavior is a shared responsibility between visitors, residents, business owners and employees. For those who do travel—to rediscover Belize’s bounty of cultural and natural heritage—please do so safely. And from the moment you arrive in Belize, that includes wearing a face mask.

Face Masks, Social Distancing & Sanitizing Often

You won’t need to wear a face mask in Belize if you are:

  • At a private residence
  • Exercising or during a sporting activity such as running, jogging, tennis, cycling (single file only), etc.
  • Swimming; persons of the same group are not required to practice social distancing
  • Open air restaurants for dining once seated

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