Reschedule Belize, Don’t Cancel Because of COVID-19

by McNab Editorial Team

Every aspect of travel is being affected by the hour as new information and travel bans are coming into place. It seems that every time we look to the news we see more and more shutting down.  It’s affecting every single person on the planet.  While we realize that panic and scare of the COVID-19 is very real, we urge travelers not to jump to hasty decisions and cancel their Belize trips, but to consider re-booking their holidays instead of calling them off completely.

Hotels and Airlines from all over the world are providing as much flexibility as they can during this time, but a cancellation means that recovery from this period will only be more difficult.  We don’t know enough about how long COVID-19 will restrict our lives, but we do know that travel will re-open in the future. If you are uncertain about your new potential travel dates, that’s okay, most hotels and resorts in Belize is offering credits for up to 365 days, so you have an entire year to come back to paradise. We’re pretty sure you’ll need that vacation when the time rolls around.

Thankfully in Belize, we’re a small destination with many boutique and small to mid-size properties and businesses which means that you won’t have to worry about exorbitant call hold times, or wait a lengthy period for them to get back to you. They would be more than happy to assist you.

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