Eating Your Way Through San Pedro, Belize? Keep These Newbies On Your List

by Dion Vansen

Travel could not be complete without food and fortunately, San Pedro Town in Belize is brimming with different options of where to get a bite along with a drink of your choice. Among the usual cafes and restaurants, new businesses (and new locations) have been sprouting up across town. I have actually been to some of these places, and I can tell you that you will not be dissatisfied. From espresso coffee to gourmet French eats, we’re here to share with you some of the new eateries on Ambergris Caye.

Green Espresso Café Bar

All images courtesy Green Espresso Café Bar

Open from 7 am, the air-conditioned and comfortable Green Espresso Café Bar found in the middle of Pescador Drive can be your new breakfast option. Opened on January 1, 2022, the Green Espresso Café Bar especially lives up to its name with coffee. Not a coffee drinker? Try the agua frescas, ice teas, and even mimosas. Besides being a coffee bar, it’s also a cocktail bar. 

Hungry? Grab one of their special breakfast croissants, huevos rancheros, sandwiches, wraps, or the popular tortilla panini. And blurring the lines between breakfast and dessert, their signature Oreo waffles are another must-try item. Green Espresso Café Bar also serves specialties like Angus ribeye steak, salads, and even cheese platters with attentive staff.

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Ramen 501 by JYOTO

All images courtesy Ramen 501 by JYOTO

Ramen 501 by JYOTO is not entirely new to the island, but its current location is! This Japanese-style restaurant facing Coral Angel Street (a.k.a. Back Street) is one of the newest places offering something different yet authentic to eat. For BZ$15, choose between garlic soy, classic miso, spicy miso, or habanero lime homemade ramen at the one and only Ramen 501. Included in that price are extra toppings, too: the likes of pork belly, chicken, soft-boiled egg, corn, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, fried garlic, or just a mix of vegetables. There’s more too, but it’s not included in the base price. Personally, I’m a simple guy and usually just go for the chicken. If you try other options, please share with us how your experience was! 

Dine al fresco at 501 Ramen. Image via Dion Vansen

Ramen 501 also has signature soups like the Ninja, Quita Goma, and Pika Pika ramen soups. Considering these are a specialty, those will run you for a cost of BZ$25 with promises to completely satisfy you. But don’t think that it’s just Ramen soups available, don’t worry. If you’re not a big fan of Ramen, you can order a pork bun for BZ$15 or some fried rice with chicken and vegetables for BZ$10. Ramen 501 also has vegan options available, plus a loyalty card that gets you free ramen and an eco-bag after your 10th visit.

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Frenchy’s by The French Touch

The profile of fine dining in an elegant setting with the best selection of French and Mediterranean dishes in San Pedro Town can be found exclusively at Frenchy’s by The French Touch with their new location on Coconut Drive. This French restaurant found just before the Yacht Club area has a brand-new menu with all French favorites, like escargot, souffle, and mousse de foie gras. Considered the best high-end restaurant on the island by many, Frenchy’s transports you to the likes of Paris or the French Riviera, thanks to Chef Patrick Parmentier, the head chef in the kitchen and proprietor. Chef Patrick will also help you pair that delicious meal with the best wine in the house. Of importance to note is that this restaurant is in high demand, so reservations are highly recommended; its currently ranked #1 of 165 Restaurants in San Pedro. To make your reservations, contact Frenchy’s via Facebook or WhatsApp at +501 610-3764. Normal opening hours are 5:30 pm to 11 pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

Margie & Kenny’s Hangout

This new restaurant is almost on Coconut Drive south of San Pedro Town. This is the joint where you come with or to meet friends and have some grub. The traditional rice and beans are always present at this place for lunch. Later in the day and especially during weekends there are specials. This includes a happy hour on local rum drinks and beers. Margie & Kenny’s Hangout is starting to make themselves known and has been offering their clients specials for dinners. These specialties usually include items on their menu like seafood, and their key lime pie for dessert continues to be a favorite. As an entertainment detail, on weekends, there is live music and at other times karaoke rules in the evening. If you know you got that voice to captivate the audience, don’t be shy to grab the mic and sing something good for everyone.

The gastronomy scene on Ambergris Caye is one of the most varied in Belize and as the island continues to grow, new eateries will rise up and try to thrive in this diverse town. While other food outlets are reopening under new management, the truth is that there is always something new to try on the streets of downtown, south, or north San Pedro. Don’t be shy to indulge in our Belizean cuisine and find something you like. Fell in love with a bite or a drink? Share it with us, we love exploring new places with you, too.

Header image via Green Espresso Café Bar.

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